8 November 2009

Review: simplehuman

Can you guess what this is?

It's a sensor soap pump. It was kindly sent to me to review by simplehuman.

I have to admit I hadn't heard of simplehuman before, but I'm impressed by the stylish product selection. Their ranges include fingerprint free bins, recycling solutions, soap dispensers and various other well-designed kitchen and bathroom items. Their products have been featured in many newspapers and magazines. They have also had products in Lost, Heroes, Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives.

So, the sensor soap pump. It is the snazziest item in my kitchen by far. I have the brushed nickel finish, the one in the photograph is the black version. Prices range from £35 to £40.

I liked that it was easy to set up. You just fill it with liquid soap, turn it on and away you go.

It works perfectly. All you do is put your hand under the dispenser and soap comes out. It always dispenses the right amount of soap too.

Did I mention it looks snazzy? It is clearly very high quality, beautifully finished and well-designed.

The only downside is that we don't have sensor taps so you still have to touch the taps with dirty hands. Oh well, maybe one day we'll have a new kitchen to go with it!



  1. I've ben impressed by their products too. I have a review to post quite soon as well!

  2. Rosie, I'll look ofrward to reading it!

    Gaelikaa, it's great fun!


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