27 November 2009

Sick Note

Dear Readers,

Sandy would like to apologise for the lack of blog activity recently.

The Winter vomiting bug arrived at the Calico household on Sunday. The washing machine is straining under the weight of bedding, sleeping bags, clothes and teddies that have had to be washed repeatedly.

First Presley had it, poor little thing. Every time he vomited he screamed. He was terrified. I wasn't sure what to do so I asked for advice on Twitter. Approximately forty people gave me the same advice, offer sips of water every five minutes to keep him hydrated. I was so grateful! He was ill again on Tuesday too, but just once.

Then Andy went down with it on Tuesday night.

Cash had it on Wednesday. It's horrible seeing your babies in distress. He couldn't keep water down in the end, so I phoned NHS Direct. They called back straight away and were very helpful. Thankfully he kept drinking and eventually stopped being sick. He was completely back to normal the next day.

I was wondering whether I had escaped the bug, but it got me yesterday. I was very ill last night. I hardly slept. The expression sick as a dog comes to mind! I have pin-prick bruises all over my face - nice!

I feel slightly more human after a shower and a slice of dry toast. Hopefully that is it for us now.

Fingers crossed I'll be well enough to go to the British Mummy Bloggers meet up at London Zoo on Sunday.

Normal service should be resumed at Baby Baby next week!

Sandy x



  1. Oh poor babes. It is terrible when they are sick and dont understand. MiniMad had a thing about eggs, as he thought that was what had made hom sick once. We have avoided this so far... I hope you manage to scale your mountain of washing soon.

  2. How awful, for you them and for you.

    We had this the week before last. I was staying at my sisters and my parents were visiting. We all had vomiting for 24hrs but, thankfully for him, Star had it the other end - for 5 days. Not nice for me but much less stressful for him.

    Hope you're all better and on top of things very soon x

  3. oh no!!

    sounds exactly like what happened in our house a couple of weeks ago...its got Sam first, then Mike then me. I felt like i had to worlds worst hangover, but had not drank a drop.

    Glad to hear you are all getting better...hope the babies are ok.

    It's nasty for little ones isnt it coz they dont know whats going on...i remember poor Sam being sick and getting so upset he wouldnt leave me for hours...

    look after yourself xx

  4. Oh hope you are all on the mend now x

  5. oh no i hope you all feel better soon. We had the vomiting bug last night with my eldest she couldn't keep anything down either but today she is as right as rain. I hope no one else gets it. Try to get some rest xxxx

  6. Poor you, hope you're all better soon x

  7. Oh no - hope you're all feeling much better by sunday!

  8. The Mad House, I know, they look at you like it's your fault! We're getting there with the washing, it's a struggle at the best of times!

    Geriatric Mummy, oh you poor things. On reflection I'd go for the other end too! :-) Thanks, I'm hoping I'll feel better after a good night's sleep x

    Lou, that's exactly how it feels. It's like having a hangover that isn't self-inflicted! It would seem there's definitely something going about x

    Mum's Survival Guide, I hope so too :-)

    Amy, aw, poor Jess. If it's the same bug we've had, watch out! Luckily once the boys had stopped vomiting they went straight back to normal. I feel like I've been hit by a truck. Going to bed in a minute x

    Emily, thank you x

    Liz, Oh I hope so. I'll be gutted if I can't make it on Sunday! x

  9. Urgh that sounds horrible.

    Kai hasn't had a sickness bug yet and I'm DREADING it.

    Really hope you feel better soon lovely. Take it easy xxxxx

  10. I was thinking about you, wondering if you were ok. Obviously not.....it's a terrible thing to have and no one ever escapes....well rarely anyway.
    In the later years it's got better but for years if one of the children had it it would get me at some point too.
    One night last year, in between vomiting and breastfeeding I was having to deal with two other children vomiting at the same time. Never known anything like it.
    If it gets really bad you can give them diaralyte. Not many children like it....I was told years ago by a GP that you can try flat fat coke as well because they will still absorb the sugar and salt in it. Hope fully it won't go on that long though.
    Take care and hope you are bouncing back very quickly. Look on the positive side- you've got it over and done with well before Christmas. ;0) xxx

  11. Oh no, hope all are better soon. I like pedialite ice pops for hydration, but maybe those are a us thing

  12. Poor you ..sounds horrible, we had it a couple of winters ago, but not since smurf arrived...hope we manage to avoid it this year I hate vomiting and smurf is a projetile vomit type of child...probably too much information there.

    Hope you are all much better rally soon.xx

  13. Poor things - hope you're all feeling better soon. At least you're got it out of the way before christmas :)

  14. I hope you are all better now and it was juat a passing bug.
    Have a great day at London Zoo today!

  15. So lovely to meet you today and sorry to hear how unwell you've been. You're a trooper for making it! Chat soon x

  16. Oh no, what a dreadful time you have had. Can't imagine how you have coped with so much sickness. It's bad enough when there's just one. I know you made the meeting today (saw you mention it on Twitter) so I hope that means you are feeling much better x

  17. I hope you're all better by now! x

  18. Josie, I think (hope) we're out of the woods now. Almost 48 hours without vomity incidents! Thanks for your email too by the way x

    Chic Mama, luckily we all had it at different times. I don't know what I would have done if the boys were ill a the same time as me. It doesn't bear thinking about. Andy and I seemed more ill than the boys, or at least they recovered quicker. Presley refused diaralyte, but is intrigued by cans of coke! Yes and thank goodness we got it now and not over Christmas.

    Geekymummy, I haven't heard of them. Hopefully we won't need them from now on!

    Lorraine, I think we're out of the woods now. I still haven't caught up with my washing!

    Hot Cross Mum, I think we're over it! Yes, getting it out of the way before Christmas is a bonus!

    Harriet, I think it has passed. I had a lovely time at the zoo thanks :-)

    Natalie, it was lovely to meet you too. I would have been really upset to miss it. I felt okay, just a bit washed out still, but Cash was ill again Monday night, so I'm praying I didn't give it to anyone at the zoo!

    Rosie, I'm glad I was well enough to go to the zoo. I'm still not eating too well, but soooo much better than I was last week. I hope we've had our share of sickness now :-)

    Mwa, I think so!!! Keep your fingers crossed for us.


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