23 November 2009

Review: Superlambanana

If you live outside of the North West of England you may not recognise this little fella.

It's a Superlambanana!

Let me fill you in on its background...

The original Superlambanana was created in 1998 by Taro Chiezo for ArtTranspennine98, inspired by the legend of the Lambas and symbolising the past and the future of the city.

The Superlambanana is now an iconic symbol of the City of Liverpool after its use during 2008 when Liverpool was European City of Culture. As an art installation 'life size' Superlambananas were everywhere, in all colours, dotted around the city. They were a regular item on the BBC's regional news programme North West Tonight.

We moved to he North West in December 2007 and it took us a while to work out what all the fuss was about. I think they're gorgeous.

Now they're brought out a Love Me, Hug Me Superlambanana soft toy, the Scouse alternative to the teddy bear.

The soft toy is exceptionally well made, as it should be for £19.99. Presley and Cash both love it and play with it every day. It stands on its own and the snout has held up well to regular biting - do your children bite the snouts of soft toy animals, or is it just my two?

Whether you want one as a souvenir or just as a cute soft toy, the Love Me, Hug Me Superlambanana gets the Baby Baby thumbs up, as you can see!

You can buy your Love Me, Hug Me Superlambanana from various stores around Liverpool and The Wirral and online at www.superlambanana.eu

Thank you to Laura Finn from Think Publicity for sending us our very own Superlambanana to review, and Natalie Stewart for the initial contact.



  1. I went to uni in Liverpool and remember well when they built it as it was the year I was leaving.
    Can't believe they've made a toy of it!!

  2. Being regular visitors to Liverpool for the footie, we see it lots, I think they are very cute too.

  3. I have never ever seen one, but it made me smile!!

  4. I remember that when it was built! A friend gave me a ceramic one although it got lost many moons ago! I haven't ever seen a furry one though. Cute.

  5. Of course I have no idea what you are talking about but when Man-Child was small he chewed the nose off his Pooh Bear! I'm serious; there was nothing left but thread from where I kept trying to sew it back together! I even bought an identical one - in hopes that he would "love" that one as much....no such luck. Apparently, the new one didn't smell/taste like the original.... ::sigh::

  6. BNM, oh yes, you can buy ceramic ones too! x

    Lorraine, me too :-)

    The Mad House, they're very cute :-)

    Life Through the Slim Lens, yes, the furry ones are new! I've been over to your blog and your photos are amazing, I especially love the ones on the balcony. Looking forward to seeing more.

    Gigi, I'm glad it's not just mine that eat snouts!! Sigh indeed x

  7. I lived in Liverpool for years... the Superlambananas are great. At first I thought they were daft, but now I just love 'em. My key ring has a Lambanana on it, and reminds me of the fantastic city of Liverpool, Ok I don't live far away now, but it's not Liverpool! I think they should migrate and reproduce - and cover the whole of the UK!

  8. Online Mum, I think they're lovely too :-)


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