18 November 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Children In Need

Baby Baby supports BBC Children in Need.

This year's appeal is on BBC1 on Friday 20th November.



  1. I love the socks, how sweet on such little feet. MaxiMad has a pudsey bear that he takes to bed each and every night!!

  2. so cute, must get some for BG x

  3. Gorgeous!

    Came over because I have awarded you an award... (Not sure if that's a good thing or not, but there it is).

  4. Gaelikaa, Thanks x

    The Mad House, I think Presley was only a couple of months old there. He still insists on wearing his Pudsey bib at breakfast time!

    New Mummy, they're from two years ago. I expect you can get this year's version though. Fingers crossed. x

    Amy, they were the best socks ever, tight round the ankle so he couldn't get them off! x

    Plan B, oh wow, thank you so much! I'll be over to collect it shortly x


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