30 November 2010

The Next 12 Days of Christmas Shopping

Have you thought about doing your Christmas shopping at Next

They sell so much more than just clothes.

Here are my top 12 Christmas shopping suggestions (all references to The 12 Days of Christmas are purely deliberate):

12 - Talking Drum (Zingzillas) £17

11 - Grey Piped Military Coat £65

10 - Dancing Dad £6

9 - Wii Just Dance £20

8 - Blue Milk Sleepsuits (two pack) £11

7 - Floral Cargo Swim Shorts £25

6 - Anti-allergy Goose Feather & Down Pillows (two pack) £30

5 - Gold Napkins Rings £7

4 - Novelty Bird Box £10

3 - Superdry French Navy Foil Print T-Shirt £25

2 - Ocean in my Pocket Turtle Hut £10

and a ...Sorry, couldn't find a partridge, but I did find some Pears Photographic Prints £15

All of the above are available to buy at Next.

This is a sponsored post.


  1. Oh, very ingenious! Love it. x

  2. Thank you, I'm so glad somebody got it! :-) x

  3. Must have taken you ages to do this. Its great. Should give inspiration to shoppers. May just have to trundle to the Capital centre!

  4. Jane, me too, but not until the sale starts! x

  5. Let yourself down by not finding some pears actually in a tree to finish on a high.


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