24 November 2010

Dell Inspiron All-in-One Desktops are the One-for-All

My first home computer was a Dell. I'd used computers at work for many years and was a competent user, but I didn't know that much about them. I certainly didn't know what to buy, but I found the Dell website easy to use. With a few clicks of the mouse I had built up a specification for a desktop computer and had selected all the options I required.

At the time I was single, so my needs were basic. I wanted to go online, upload photographs and play around with Microsoft Office. The Dell desktop I bought did what I asked of it and it did it well. In fact, five years on and it is still in use.

Of course, now I have a family, my requirements for a family desktop computer are different. 

Soon the boys will be using the family computer more and more. A computer in every home was unimaginable when I was at school (yes, I really am that old)! Using computers is second nature to my two and three year old sons. Already they can move a mouse and use the keyboard, picking out their initials.

We now want a family computer that is multi-functional. We want to go online and play games, watch videos and much much more. We want a high-tech interactive touch screen. We want sleek and space-saving design, with no tower, so that it can fit anywhere in the home. We want a high resolution screen for viewing photographs. We want to create and listen to music. We want it all!

The Dell All-in-One Desktop seems to fit the bill.


Further information can be found here

the youtube Video

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  1. the touch screen will be really easy for my 6 six year old

  2. And for this 40 year old! :-)


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