17 November 2010

Mummy Blogger Family Time With Owners Direct

Andy and I had been thinking of going on holiday for a while. This would be our first holiday with the boys. We wanted to go somewhere nice (obviously), somewhere clean and somewhere not too far away.

Andy and I needed a holiday, but we were worried. What if the boys wouldn't eat or sleep? What if they didn't like it? We were terrified.

I know other families think nothing of hopping on a plane or trekking with their children. I'm ashamed of our lack of confidence in being away from home and away from our routines.

All this changed when the fabulous Publicity Oxford invited us to join three other blogging families at an Owners Direct Farmhouse in the Cotswolds. Everything was being laid on for us. It was only one night. It sounded ideal.

So earlier this month we met up with the lovely New Mummy, Cafebebe and Mellow Mummy and their families at Yew Tree Farmhouse near Lechlade on the Glos/Wilts borders.

Owners Direct have 37,000 self-catering holiday homes and apartments worldwide.

The house was stunning. I've always wanted to live in a house like this.

We had plenty of time to enjoy the house and the garden and the children absolutely loved it. The location was quiet and beautiful.

Spending time with other families was great fun. We all mucked in together to make the holiday a wonderful experience.

I could just imagine a large family gathering or group of friends staying here. Our farmhouse had seven bedrooms and the dining table seated fourteen. We all had our own space but could get together for meals and a glass of wine in the evening.

We would definitely book with Owners Direct for our next holiday. It was a (luxury) home away from home.

The boys ate well, played well and one of them slept well. The other woke up at 3.30 and asked to go home! He soon went back to bed though. We gained so much confidence from this short break.

On the second day we all went to Cotswold Wildlife Park. Despite Cash being startled by a gaggle of guinea fowl we had a great time. The boys loved seeing the animals, they are at the age now where they can take it all in.

Before we left, we stopped at the shop (as you do). We now have our very own zoo at home!

"We parked them, mummy"

Thanks must also go to the companies that donated extra items to make our stay even more comfortable and meant that we didn't have to overload the car. Thank you John Crane (we officially love all of your wooden toys), Huggies, Treasure Trove Toys, BabyBjorn, Jumbo Games, Green's, Boots, University Games, Tippitoes, Munchkin, Sanihands.co.uk and Prince Lionheart.




  1. Gosh, what a beautiful house! One day when I win the lottery......

  2. It was so lovely to spend time with you and your family x

  3. What a beautiful house! And it looks like you had a fabulous stay.

    We have used owners direct for a holiday in Mallorca and can heartily recommend them: in fact, we are going back next year!

  4. great photos of the trip. Love that you bought a takeaway zoo.

  5. That house is amazing, when Emma wins the lottery I shall have one! Hahaha xx

  6. Emma, hey, me too!

    New Mummy, you too x

    Domestic Goddesque, lovely, we'll definitely use them now.

    Jumbly Mummy, 'takeaway zoo', love it! :-)

    Kerry, yep, me too!!


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