19 November 2010

Tiny Acorns

Earlier this year the fabulous Tim from Bringing Up Charlie ran a free creative writing e-course. I thoroughly enjoyed it and picked up plenty of writing tips.

You know the saying about tiny acorns? Well, Dotterel Press has published the course and selected pieces from those who took part in a mighty oak of a book, called 'Tiny Acorns'.

I am delighted that two pieces wot I wrote are in the book.

You can buy 'Tiny Acorns' direct from Dotterel Press for just £8.99 plus £1 p&p (no matter how many copies you buy). 

'Tiny Acorns' is also available internationally from Lulu for £9.99 and to download there for £2.99. 

All proceeds will go to Children In Need.

I am immensely grateful to Tim and so so proud of all those who took part in the course, especially Nickie from Typecast and Mummy Limited - my wonderful writing buddies.




  1. And thanks, Sandy (and everybody) for all your wonderful contributions - which made the job of editing much easier!

  2. Congratulations...that is fantastic!. XX

  3. Thank you all, I'm really chuffed and can't wait to get my hands on the book! x


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