26 November 2010

UNICEF 'Inspired Gifts'

The ideal Christmas gift for those who have everything – UNICEF ‘Inspired Gifts’

UNICEF has a unique Christmas gift that’s ideal for those difficult to shop for friends and family. Just what do you get the person who seems to have everything?

The answer is simple: get a Christmas gift that’s different, easy to buy online, and helps children in need.

UNICEF Inspired Gifts are real, life-saving supplies that are delivered to children in emergencies and disasters around the world. They include products such as water containers, vaccines, medicines, food, and education materials. Your friend or family member will receive a card which tells them how the gift is making a real difference in children’s lives.

Treat 100 children for dehydration for £26.50

Weighing Scales for babies and children, £26.50

You can view the full range of gifts at www.unicef.org.uk/inspired

For those who don’t have everything, UNICEF also offers a more traditional selection of cards and gifts: www.unicef.org.uk/shop

My lovely friend, Rosie Scribble, has seen first hand the amazing work that UNICEF does in Cameroon. If you haven't read her beautifully written account yet, you can find it on her blog.




  1. That tiny little mite in those weighing scales just makes me cry. x

  2. Thanks so much for the mention Sandy, and for helping promote this x

  3. Inspired gifts indeed, thanks for the links=)

  4. Hot Cross Mum, me too, it's really made me think too x

    Rosie, you're very welcome x

    Carrie, thank you :-)


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