15 December 2009

The Misery of Being 15 Months Old and Poorly

My poor miserable baby.

Cash isn't well. He's got a cough, a cold, a very sore throat and chapped lips. He's also teething - molars.

Any one of these things is enough to start him crying, but all of them together is utter misery.

It seems like every time he swallows it hurts. He cries. Crying hurts. He cries some more. You wipe his nose and accidentally brush his sore lips and he cries, this makes his throat hurt. He cries again, only louder. You get the picture.

His cry is hoarse. When he talks it's like he's phoning in sick and putting on his ill voice. You know the one I mean? It's the voice you use when you're a bit ill and fancy the day off sick, so you phone your boss and put on your ill voice. After managing malingerers for many years I can spot an ill voice from a mile off. You're not fooling anyone by the way.

We're using Dentinox, Calpol, Karvol and Vaseline to help Cash, but he's still miserable. The slightest thing sets him off. My head is ringing from the crying.

I feel so sorry for him. I've been up the last two nights with him as he's struggling to sleep. He's tired, but just as he's dropping off he swallows and we get another cycle of crying. My arms ache from rocking him. Fortunately his temperature is normal, so we can hopefully avoid the GP's surgery.

Presley just has a cough and a cold. He seems to be coping fine with it. Every five minutes he comes over and asks for a tissue.

Andy has a cold too, he's suffering with it. I'll say no more on the subject of man flu as he reads my blog.

I suppose I'll be next.

At least we'll get it out of the way before Christmas!



  1. Awwww, poor Cash. Medised always used to be a miracle medicine for me although I know they've changed it, not sure if you have to be two now to have it. Have you looked in his mouth? Just to check that it's all ok and the back of his throat? I hope he starts feeling better soon. Nothing worse than them suffering.

  2. Aw poor baby Cash and poor Calico family. I always find that some home made ice pops really help with sore thoats and only costs a couple of pence to make. Also not nice to do put salt water driped in to his nose before bedtime, really helps make breathing easier

  3. Aaaw my Louis is teething too with his last canine so hes got a cough and cold! Like the previous commenter says, I too find medised really helps!

  4. Ha! Man-flu!! Love it! Will remember it and possibly "borrow" it in the future!

    Poor Cash; it's tough to be a little guy and sick. All I can say is Tylenol or Motrin (do you have that there?) it really helps with the pain (sore throat and teething) as long as you keep on the schedule (if I recall every 4 hours?). As for chapped lips, I always found that Blistex worked (although it stings a bit when you first put it on - might not be a good idea for 15 month old....)but it better than Vaseline or Chapstick as it's actually medicated. Saline for the nose (be sure to suck it back out though) which was probably what my son considered to be the biggest indignity of all and absolute torture.

    Hope he and the others feel better soon and that you somehow, miraculously, skate by without getting it!

  5. Sorry to hear that your family is poorly Sandy! So not nice, especially at this time of the year. I love how you still find a positive though..."at least we'll have it out of the way before Christmas". Good luck and try to get some rest yourself. I recommend HIGH does of effervescent Vitamin C and Echinacea. I SWEAR by it for myself. (Not Little Miss obviously!)
    Take care of you!

  6. Oh no poor Cash, hope he's better soon! My 18 month old seems to be forever teething. I can't remember the last time he wasn't up in the night, everything's worse for them then isn't it? Hopefully Cash is better for Christmas (and the man flu's gone too!) x

  7. Ah the poor little fella. I'm sure mummy's TLC is working wonders though. Good luck with the man-flu - yikes! :)

  8. It seems like the whole blogging world have poorly kids & other halfs! Makes me sad reading about poorly children! Hope Cash gets better soon!!

  9. Chic Mama, we used Medised when Presley had a cough ages ago, it's probably out of date now. Must get some more in! Yes, he's got red gums and a red throat, but was so much better today thanks.

    The Mad House, I bought some lolly making stuff in July, then Summer ended! Good idea, will have to make some. I have got some saline drops, will use as a last resort because of the chapped lips!

    Fiona, it's so hard for them. Will definitely be getting some Medised in!

    Gigi, feel free to use 'man-flu', it's a common saying over here! Thanks for all the advice. I think I need a few more items in my first aid kit! We've had a better day today so I'm hoping they're over the worst.

    Karin, I used to take echinacea and vitamins, but stopped when I was pregnant. It's probably time I re-started!

    Emily, thanks. There's not a lot we can do about the teething (poor things) but here's to a germ free Christmas!

    Hot Cross Mum, they only want cuddles from Mummy when they're ill and that includes those with man-flu!

    Emma, I know, there's so much illness about. We've had a good day today. Fingers crossed it continues!

  10. Try neurofen junior as it is anti-inflamatory so may be better for the teeth and throat. Anbesol liquid is the best thing ever for teeth and you can use it on ulcers too. Far better than any of the gel formulations and it contains a topical local anesthetic. I also always put a damp tea towel on the radiator to keep the air humid as I find that helps, and raise the end of the bed. Hope the little fella feels better soon.

  11. Juicytots, thanks for all the brilliant advice. He's on the mend now - at last. x

  12. Hope he's feeling better soon. The week before Christmas, Kaitlynn came down with a stomach virus, then of course I got it. Then the Saturday before Christmas I sprained my ankle and Sunday Kaitlynn came down with croup. I guess we are getting it all out of the way for Christmas.

  13. Amy, we were all better by Christmas. I'm sorry to hear about all your ailments. I hope you were better for the Holidays x


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