30 December 2009

Baby Baby Review of the Year

It's that time of year again. The five days between Christmas and New Year, Twixtmas as it is now known.

It's the time of year we reflect on the previous 12 months. I don't know about you but hasn't 2009 flown by? I know, we say it every year!

Thanks to the lovely Sam from Mum's The Boss who has tagged me with the High-5 Meme.

The rules are to thank the person who tagged you, list your top 5 highlights from 2009 and then tag 5 more bloggers to do the same.

Off we go...

1 - Getting Online
2009 was the year I joined the modern world. I joined Twitter in February and have made some wonderful friends, some of whom I now know in real life. I totally 'got' Twitter straight away, I still don't really 'get' Facebook in the same way. Joining Twitter was key to me finding the Preston Writing Network (now The Lancashire Writing Hub), The Continental pub and arts space and starting Baby Baby.

2 - Starting to Write
In January I wrote and recorded a song called 'Meteoric' (with Andy's help on the recording side, oh and he played all the instruments for me, but I wrote the words and the melody)! This was the first song I had written since I left school. I wrote another four songs this year, two are duets with Andy. This was a great way for us to spend time together.
In May I started this blog. I re-discovered a love of writing that I hadn't known since school. I've enjoyed being part of the blogging community and again have made many friends.
In July I had a go at creative writing. I started with a 1600 word short story, written in just 2 hours. I joined a local creative writing group and have now written many pieces, including some creative non-fiction. I've had one story published online, I got totally over-excited when I got the email telling me I was successful!
In November I started a creative writing course that I loved.
Last week I started writing my novel. I'm still in shock that I had an idea for a book and started writing!

3 - Performing Live
Andy and I are now regulars at open mic music nights in Preston (baby sitters permitting). Andy almost always writes new material for each gig. Together we have performed my songs, duets and one cover. People clapped, I shook, but the buzz from singing live stayed with me for days! I'm tremendously proud of the way Andy had developed as a live performer this year.
I also read a short story at a live literature night. Again, this was nerve-wracking but exciting too, especially when several people came up to me afterwards with positive feedback and encouragement.

4 - The Breast Cancer Care Fashion Show
My best friend Amanda, a breast cancer survivor, was one of the catwalk models at the 2009 Breast Cancer Care Fashion Show. Amanda looked gorgeous. I cried buckets. We got dressed up, got drunk, spotted celebs and all for a great cause.

5 - Going to Number 10 Downing Street
This was another night to remember. My Twitter friend, Sarah Brown, invited me to a party at her house. This was not just any old house party. It was The Downing Tweet Christmas Party in support of a Million Mums. I got dressed up, got drunk (again), chatted to celebs and all for another great cause. This really was the opportunity of a lifetime, and all because of Twitter!

That's my top five highlights of 2009. Obviously being a wife and mother has been amazing all year and raising two small boys has been hard work all year too, but I wouldn't swap my life for anyone's.

There was one low point in 2009, losing our lovely old cat in July.

Otherwise this has been an amazing year for me.

I'm going to tag the following fabulous five:

Apologies if you have already been tagged! I look forward to reading your High-5's.



  1. Just one of those would be enough to make anyone feel they'd had a top year! Congratulations, and looks like the sky is the limit for 2010.

  2. What a great year you have had, wishing you a fantastic 2010 x

  3. Crikey - please no one tag me - I don't have nearly as many exciting things to say as you!! What a fab year honey. Here's to another fantastic one xxx

  4. Thanks Sandy, I enjoyed writing mine. What a year for you, all of this is amazing.

  5. What a fantastic year it has been for you and Andy. I hope that you have a fantastic 2010

  6. Angels and Urchins, I know, it has been an amazing year for me! Onwards and upwards - I hope :-)

    b, it was and yours hasn't been too shabby either! Wishing you a fantastic 2010 too x

    Maternal Tales, aww, I'm sure there have been wonderful highlights, your massage for instance?! I was surprised when I looked back and saw what I had achieved in 2009. I'm sure 2010 will be fabulous for us all too x

    Kelly, you've had quite a year too :-)

    The Mad House, thanks, it has been quite remarkable. Wishing you good health and happiness for 2010 x

  7. I feel a little inadequate having read of your great success, but well done! I still don't really get facebook or twitter, though I'm trying to dip my toe in both. It's all very time consuming and compulsive (I love it!) but it has certainly paid off in your life - I applaud you! :)

  8. A fantastic list Sandy - the Downing St thing is simply amazing! Thanks so much for tagging me - hmmmm, better get thinking of my best bits. Wow - it's a bit like the X Factor!!!!

  9. Diney, oh, I hope I haven't made you feel inadequate! It was an amazing year for me. I have to limit myself on Twitter as it is so easy to waste hours on there, but like you say it has been worthwhile! :-)

    Hot Cross Mum, I still can't believe I went to Downing Street! Looking forward to reading your best bits. Will you put a sad, yet uplifting, soundtrack on them, in the style of X-Factor?!


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