3 December 2009

Not a lot of people know that...

I'm honoured. Huge, enormous, massive thanks for this award goes to:

If you haven't read their blogs yet, I can highly recommend them.

The rules, and these have been applied rather loosely I have to say, are:
  • Thank the blogger who gave you the award
  • List 10 things about you that your readers may not know
  • Pass the award on

I like the twist that the very clever Angela has added and I will follow her lead and tell you 10 things about me, but one will be a lie!!

  1. My left eye has been twitching since I was ill last week. That's seven days now. I'm bored of it.
  2. I could live on carrots and red pepper humous.
  3. I have gone off chocolate.
  4. I'm a bit scared of horses. I think Jerry Seinfeld was spot on when he described them as 'glassy-eyed, jittery beasts'.
  5. I think I'm a rubbish mum most of the time.
  6. I collect Russian dolls.
  7. I can recite the alphabet as fast backwards as I can forwards.
  8. I once went out with a man old enough to be my father.
  9. I never eat the biscuit base on a cheesecake.
  10. I love the smell of fireworks.

See if you can guess which is the lie.

I'm going to pass this award on to... anyone that fancies it. I know, what a complete cop out. I'm sorry *gets out violin* but time is not on my side at the moment.


    Thanks to Rebel Mother at Another Day in the Madhouse, one of my favourite bloggers, for this lovely award x



    1. It must be No. 3, surely. No-one could possibly go off chocolate!

    2. I'm with Tasha, it must be 3...by the way I collect Russian dolls to,small world isn't it?

    3. Im hoping its number 3. Life without chocolate would be like .... there isnt even anything it can compare to. It would be a sad sad day!

    4. I'm going for number 9. No idea why!


    5. After going over this a few times I am thinking number 4.

      I am also sure that I am wrong :)

      Great list.

    6. Snap i could survive on carrot battons and red pepper humous too and as for the lie no 9? Nobody can resist a biscuit base!!

    7. I'm also hoping it's the Chocolate! I have to have a chocolate fix daily.. Today's was a glass of Chocolate flavored nesquik!!

      Thank you ever so much for your kind words on my bottle feeding post. I was touched by all the comments I got - I now know I'm not alone. :) x

    8. If it isn't the chocolate do let me know and I'll send you my address so you can pass on all those unwanted Christmas chocs....

      ps and for the Russian doll collectors (I don't but i do have a lovely one that my Russian "mum" gave me when I was living in Moscow and with which L is utterly obsessed) have you seen the paint your own version??? Cox and Cox sell it and guess what someone's going to be getting in her stocking (in the hope of half an hours peace in between the sugar highs....)

    9. I'm going for number 9, because I can't understand anyone not liking the biscuit base! I don't eat the cheese part though so who am I to judge?!

    10. Thanks for all the guesses. I'll now put you out of your misery...

      None of you guessed that it was number 6, the Russian Dolls. I have a couple of Russian cats, but I've always been fascinated by the dolls and one day will get some!

      The chocolate one is sadly true. I haven't fancied it for quite a while. Hmm, perhaps the Beyond Chocolate course is working!


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