17 December 2009

Finally Feeling Festive

I finally made the effort to decorate the house and I'm pretty pleased with it.

We only have a small tree on the mantel piece - out of reach of Presley and Cash! The first thing the boys say each morning is 'lights' and the fairy lights are switched on.

They were both a lot better yesterday so we took them to the Playgroup Christmas party. They saw Father Christmas for the first time and there were no tears. Presley even went up on his own (to get his present)!

I've written and posted my cards and have just about finished my Christmas shopping. Just the wrapping to do now.

Fancy a nosy at my decorations? Here they are:

Presley made the angel at Playgroup!

I've made up a slogan:

Be very nosy at Violet Posy!

Loads of bloggers have added their Christmas decoration photographs to the Violet Posy Christmas Decoration Tour 2009. Take a look!



  1. They are gorgeous - I love, love, love the wooden train! Have an utterly wonderful Christmas and thanks for sharing x

  2. They are lovely and wow at Father Christmas and no tears. This is the first year of no tears for us. I am glad that you are finally feeling festive.

  3. lol what is that bird? A chaffinch? Love the handmade angel, beautiful x

  4. Love the train, I really need to find a festive train, I'd really like to have that going around the bottom of the tree!

  5. I love your festive train - great that you're finally feeling festive

    Think we might be getting there slowly over here

  6. Lovely pictures and I'm sure you will treasure the angel for many many years. I just put all the ones my children have made out. So sweet.

  7. I just decorated my tree today and was marveling over the many, many ornaments I have from Man-Child spanning the years. I almost don't need any other decorations! You will treasure that angel forever.

  8. Love the little owl and the bird and of course Presley's angel! I felt much more Christmassy once our decorations were up, and the snow was an added bonus :)

  9. Liz@VP, thank you. You too x

    The Mad House, I'm glad you had no tears this year. I was surprised at my two, but they didn't have to sit on his knee - perhaps that made all the difference?!

    Liz(LWK), well, I've had a look in my book of British birds, but couldn't find this fellow! P spent ages making his angel, I cried of course?! x

    Nat, ooh, a train going round the bottom of the tree, what a great idea! Our train was from B&Q of all places!

    Muddling Along Mummy, I hope you're feeling festive now, especially with all the snow!

    Chic Mama, ah, I'm looking forward to years of hand-made decorations :-)

    Slim Lens, thank you very much :-)

    Gigi, how lovely, a tree full of memories :-)

    Make So Mum, absolutely, a bit of Xmas music, decorations and snow all get you in the festive mood :-)

  10. Really nice little angel. It looks very effective decorated with one colour of star. Might get my lot to get going with some today. Ours are loving the lights too, it's so sweet. Happy Christmas!!

  11. Angels and Urchins, Happy Christmas to you too. All Presley wants to do now is stick stars onto things!! x


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