14 December 2009

Review: Leapfrog My Pal Scout

Christmas came early to the Baby Baby household this week.

The lovely people at Leapfrog asked if 15-month-old Cash would like to review a new cuddly green puppy named Scout. I accepted on his behalf, what a kind Mummy!

I've always regarded Leapfrog as a company dedicated to making educational toys. My Pal Scout is no exception. This cuddly doggy teaches:
- First words
- Daily routines
- Early number sense
- Feelings and emotions
- Animals

You will need an internet connection to personalise My Pal Scout. So there is a bit of setting up to do. I would recommend doing this while your child is asleep, otherwise they may become impatient and possibly a little upset at seeing their new toy wired up to Mummy's laptop!

We found the program easy to install and navigate. We customised My Pal Scout to include Cash's name, his favourite animal (squirrel), his favourite colour (he hasn't expressed a preference, so we chose green) and his favourite food. I'd love to say this was aubergine or avocado, but no, it's biscuits. We were also able to add up to five lullabies and five daytime tunes.

My Pal Scout is a lovely soft toy. You press his paws to choose either daytime songs, lullabies or chat. Most of the daytime songs include Cash's name and the chat is mostly geared around our customisation. An example is 'Hello Cash, can you guess what animal I'm pretending to be? Moo, moo..... that's right, I was pretending to be a cow'. He's not too noisy either, which is a criticism I usually have about electronic toys.

Cash is besotted. He has worked out how to press Scout's paws. Each time a song finishes he says 'more, more' and squeezes his paws. Scout is perfect cuddling size and it suitable for ages 6-36 months.

Two year old Presley loves Scout too and spent a good half an hour playing with him (when Cash was distracted). When Scout said he liked biscuits, Presley brought him a toy biscuit box and held it to Scout's mouth.

My Pal Scout is very reasonably priced at £20 and would make a great Christmas present.

My Pal Scout is still in stock at Boots and Early Learning Centre. You may also be able to find other stockists via the Leapfrog website.



  1. Edward loved this too, I don't think I've ever been so impressed with a toy.

  2. We were able to trial My Pal Violet for Little Miss courtesy of The Great Toy Guide. It took forever and a day to get it but we finally did. Little Miss loves her...calls her "Shiolet" as she has a hard time saying "V". The only complaint I had was that I wished you could upload your own music as I found the music choices to be rather tinkly! But then again, most music on most toys is a bit rubbish. They need to get up to speed on that one. Great review...we should get ours together! ;)

  3. I wished you could upload your own music as I found the music choices to be rather tinkly! But then again, most music on most toys is a bit rubbish.

  4. 20 Something Mum, it really is great. Every time Cash cries Presley brings Scout over and starts him up! Cash gives it a cuddle and all is well.

    Karin, I saw your review - very good mrs! I know what you mean about the music, but at least it's not too loud. Getting them together would be fab!

  5. The teddy is very cute. I feel so happy by just looking at its clip. I will purchase two of a kind and will decorate my room with it.

  6. Storage Craft, thank you :-)

  7. Your scout is really a dear. I love teddies a lot and have got a lot of them but still i like this one as the best.

  8. Somethings are priceless and if it was mine i would have added the same tag on my cute little scout. You are really a special one to have a teddy like this.


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