2 September 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Are You Looking At Me?



  1. I'm liking the "Wordless Wednesday".
    I've seen a few now.
    Who started the trend?
    Lovely photo.
    x jo

  2. When the photo popped in to my reader I said "Here's looking at you kid" but then I remembered Lemur's don't talk and so your phrase makes much more sense...

  3. Children always have a way don't they, of staring out the one animal that isn't in a cage...Great pic x

  4. Great pic - the kids love the zoo (actually, I think I enjoy it just as much myself!!). Award for you over at mine. Enjoy and Happy Friday! :-)

  5. Half Mum, Thanks :-)

    Jo, I like it too. I've no idea where it started. I've seen it on Twitter and in blogs. To be honest, it's a quick and easy post x

    Pippa, I prefer your phrase. Lemurs may 'talk' somehow!!

    Leslieanne, definitely. If Andy hadn't pushed Presley away I think the two of them would have become better acquainted!

    Millenium Housewife, yes, I think that's why Andy was wheeling the boys away so fast! Just in case... x

    Hot Cross Mum, I think we enjoyed it more than the boys, they're still a bit young! Thanks for the award, how exciting! x

  6. Love the photigraph!



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