29 September 2009

This is My Dream - A Meme

The lovely Zooarcheaologist from Being A Mummy has started a dream meme. She wrote beautifully about her dream life in a dream house. She kindly tagged me.

I'm quite behind with all these memes, tags and awards. I had intended to do a mega-meme post and list them all, but for some reason this dream meme got me thinking. I've been thinking about it all morning.

I've had a bleugh few days. I'm not well. Before you reach for the disinfectant, it's not swine flu! I suppose I have some virus or other. For some reason one of the symptoms appears to be extreme grumpiness. Another is a complete lack of tolerance for my children's behaviour. I feel like a rotten mother.

When I was pregnant with Presley, my colleagues referred to me as Earth Mother. I'd expressed a desire to: have a natural birth, breastfeed, babywear, use washable nappies, cook wholesome organic food from scratch. I did all of these things, some for a lot longer than others. This doesn't make me an Earth Mother, but there are worse labels.

Then I had another baby, Cash, less than a year later. Thirteen months on and some aspects of parenting are getting easier, but others are still firmly in the 'it's really hard work' category. Maybe it's because I'm 39 and not as fit as I'd like to be. I get tired. CBeebies is my friend and part-time babysitter.

What I've been dreaming about all morning is being Supermummy. I want to be a fragrant yummy mummy, a domestic goddess. I want to be Mary Poppins and Nigella Lawson all rolled into one Supermummy package.

My dream is to always have a smile on my face, have the patience of a saint and the clean, organised house of Anthea Turner.

My children will be bright, enthusiastic learners with excellent manners. They will not poke each other in the eye, push each other over, turn the TV on and off and on and off repeatedly. They will eat everything they are given and play together nicely.

Back in the real world, forget all the labels. All I really want is to be a good mum and to have happy children.

When the boys wake up from their naps I will be their smiling, loving mum. I will not be the shouty old moo of a mother they had this morning!

I would like to pass this meme on to a few bloggers who I'm sure have dreams a plenty.

Fraught Mummy at Brits in Bosnia
Hazel at Hot Cross Mum


I know Josie doesn't get much sleep, but I hope she gets enough to have a lovely dream. She is hosting a fantastic sleep deprivation carnival on her blog. She also has a sleep deprivation gallery, where you will see some very tired parents. I'm on there if you fancy a giggle.


The best of British Mummy Bloggers carnival is being held by Gigi at Mums Rock. She has very kindly included one of my posts. There are some great blogs listed if you fancy a read.

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  1. I think I share your dream!! If only, if only it would come true, but alas.......! I'm sure you are indeed super mum to your boys - they'll forgive you the odd rant every now and again. Thank you for the tag - I love this one so will start dreaming..........

  2. Oh, I have that dream, too. And such a hard time sometimes accepting "good enough" or even "chaos".

  3. Hot Cross Mum, I always try to be a better mum! I'm looking forward to reading about your dream :-)

    Mwa, "good enough" would be great some days!


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