5 September 2009

A Pizza the Action!

The lovely Zooarcheaologist from Being a Mummy forwarded me an email from Louise at We Are Social. PizzaExpress are launching a new Leggera pizza and are inviting bloggers to try it. Goodness me, a free lunch. Is there such a thing? I suppose we'll find out!

The Leggera is a lighter pizza with a hole in the middle. The hole has salad in it. All for 500 calories. Sounds good to me.

I asked on Twitter and in the North West Mums group on British Mummy Bloggers to find out if any other bloggers fancied meeting me for lunch. It seemed like a good idea at the time. A few people said yes.


One of the best things about blogging is the supportive and friendly community. So why am I nervous about meeting fellow bloggers in real life? Well, I'm quite shy really. I've lived in Preston for less than two years and have only made a few friends. I'd like to make more.


You are cordially invited to Pizza Express in Preston to try the Leggera.

Please email me (sandycalico@ymail.com) and we can move on to the joy that will be finding a date when we are all free!


There is also a voucher for two pizzas for £10 here.



  1. I feel for you, I get nervous too and can't imagine meeting people in the flesh. They'll be enough of you though to take the pressure off! :0)

  2. Good luck. I am biting the bullet and meeting with Mrs OMG Pregnant and Miss Leslieanne. I too am nervous but I think meeting bloggers is much easier than people in real life, you already know bits about them, and they about you. Look forward to hearing how you get on.

  3. Oooh that sounds fun. Have a wicked time. :D

  4. Hiya, like I said on BMB either next weekend from the 11th to 14th is good for me and then the weekend of the 25th. So just let me know xx

  5. Mwa, I hope so :-)

    Chic Mama, you're right, I'm sure we'll be fine - especially if the children are there.

    Kelly, I'm sure you'll have a great lunch with those two. It will be interesting to see if our bloggy friends are how we imagine. I'm looking forward to hearing how you get on too :-)

    Jo, thanks, I'll do my best! :-)

    Yummy Mammy, hopefully we can arrange something for then x

  6. Ooh wish I could come too...sadly not exactly my neck of the woods ;-)) Award for you over at mine (to make up for all those Butlins posts)!!

  7. @Sandy - always up for a meeting!

    @Emily - we have to meet up next time I'm in your neck of the woods!

  8. Yum! Scrummy pizza. I have to order about 5 because I live with a family of pigs!

    Blogland is better than real life and the people are much lovelier. I hope you have a great time.


  9. nom! nom! nom! I can't wait and I've already downloaded the coupon. Planning on going on Thursday w/ dah man while Squidge is at nursery!!

  10. Maternal Tales, yes, it's a shame you're so far away. Wow, thanks for the award, that's really lovely of you x

    Sally, excellent :-)

    RM, these bloggers do seem to be a friendly bunch. I'll let you know how we get on x

  11. Lindy, mmm enjoy! Are you free 11-14 or 25-27 Sept? x

  12. not available on the 14 but all other dates are good as far as I know! LOL I'm not much into planning that far ahead!

  13. Lindy, I knew it would be tricky trying to get everyone together. I've just replied to your email x


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