12 September 2009

My First Review

I read on British Mummy Bloggers that someone called Luke from The Edge was looking for 'family-focused bloggers to test and review a selection of Carex products and our Hands Up For Hygiene educational campaign'. I emailed him and was sent loads of free Carex, see above photograph.

I've arrived, I thought. I've got myself a piece of the freebie action!

Then along came 'Indie-gate' and I felt bad. The comments on this article made me feel silly and naive, I felt belittled. I wondered whether I should stop blogging. I soon got over it of course, but I thought long and hard about posting reviews on my blog. Was I being used? Were the PR companies that targeted mummy bloggers being cynical or ill-advised?

Actually, it doesn't matter. I've signed up to the Blogging with Integrity campaign. Most of my readers are 'family-focused' too. If you don't want to read this review however, skip past it, I won't mind.

So anyway, Carex.

I have contact dermatitis. At its peak it's like having a thousand tiny cuts on my hands. My fingers swell and they're so itchy. With a baby you're constantly washing your hands and this can be particularly uncomfortable. The pain keeps me awake at night.

When the Carex arrived I only had one stubborn patch on one finger, but it was enough to stop me squeezing a lemon I can tell you. Also I live in fear of being made to use alcohol gel to cleanse my hands!

I started using the Carex with trepidation, but I thought in for a penny in for a pound and put it by every sink. Amazingly enough the dermatitis has completely cleared up. Could be a coincidence, but I can say categorically that Carex hasn't made it worse.

In addition to the above I love the smell. Some handwashes make me feel nauseous, but not this. My favourite was the Moisture Plus.

Since my hands are no longer sore I've been able to use the hand-gels. The small ones are perfect for handbag or changing bag and I've been teaching the boys how to wash their hands with it. So important these days with the threat of the dreaded swine flu.

There was only one thing I didn't like, and that was the amount of handwash that was dispensed with each press. Far too much came out each time and of course this means it doesn't last long.

So will I buy Carex from now on? Yes.



  1. Received the Carex pack too,and like you was a bit wary of doing a review on my blog, but hey what the hell, I am with you we can do it with integrity, I am just a bit slow and have not got round to it yet. Glad it helped with the skin trouble, my hubby has psoriasis so I know how much of a pain it can be.

  2. Hi - don't let someone who doesn't know you or the warmth that shines out from your blog belittle you. I suppose having been invited to Disney and Butlins and now being offered more trips and getting to go on press trips etc, I am one of the bloggers whose opportunities/reports have sparked some of the discussion.
    There has been so much ill-informed comment over 'mummyblogging' that it is no wonder you considered not posting - but the thing to remember is you are a mum before you are a blogger and that is what these companies are interested in - they want feedback on their products and honest feedback from a mum is much valued. PRs have to take the rough with the smooth - who knows what you could have written? Oh and great review. Big licks. x

  3. I wouldn't feel guilty about reviewing a product, as Linda said people (like me) are interested in what other peeps think about products. I love the smell of some of the carex range, but we tend to buy our handwashes in bulk at Costco and it's a case of whatever is cheapest (no matter how it smells)!

  4. Lorraine, I'm glad you want to do the review. It takes me ages to get round to things too! I can sympathise with your hubby. I have scalp psoriasis too :-( x

    Linda, thank you so much. I'm touched. Funnily enough I had an email from Luke at the PR company and he said the same as you, I'm a mum first and I could have said that Carex was rubbish. They know what they're doing. Disney Schmisney! x

    Worldofamummy, hi and thanks, I like to know what other mothers think too. Word of mouth (or blog) is such a powerful thing. x


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