20 September 2009

Hair Today.... Gone Tomorrow!

Last week my Wordless Wednesday was a photograph of Presley with his long hair. I asked the question 'to cut or not to cut'.

I had a lot of comments, thank you. A quick count up shows only three in favour of short hair and a few suggesting a trim to thicken it up. The rest of you said 'no' quite emphatically!

Presley's only just two and too young to ask fro an opinion on his hair. Our biggest problem was his hair sticking under his nose, like a big moustache, when he had a cold. It seemed to be bothering him...


We had it cut short!

Presley was very good at the hairdresser's and was delighted with the lollypop that he was given for being a good boy!

My goodness, he looks so different. My baby has gone. We now have a little boy. I'm expecting less 'what a pretty girl' comments. We had, on average, three a week! His grandparents are happy now. He'll be harder to spot at playgroup too.

In some ways I'm sad that we didn't keep his hair long. Part of me liked to be rebellious and have a son with long hair.

Now though at least I can see his beautiful face.

You can't, sorry, but here is a photograph of the back of his head!!



  1. Ahhhh, I had my two year olds hair cut a couple of weeks ago- I was getting really fed up with people talking about the little girl even though he was dressed in very boyish clothes.
    Plus his sisters kept putting it into pigtails and pink ribbons.....;0)

  2. Awww what a gorgeous big boy hair cut! My lovely daughter refuses to go to the hairdressers, so I end up doing it....oh dear ;)

  3. I used to cut my son's hair, and it was never good - but this is great!

  4. Awww looks lovely! It is strange when you seem them without their lovely locks for the first time. Takes some getting used to. I'm sure he'll thank you for the hairless nose though! x

  5. Well done on being brave, I expect he looks all grown up now! I've decided to chop my 15 month old's curls this week (sob!) his hair is all in his eyes now but he's only been called a girl twice. Maybe just a very small chop and leave some curls.

  6. I felt the same when we had smurfs cut....your baby disappears in minutes to be replaced by a proper big boy. Bet he looks cute as a button.

  7. Ahhh, cute. I'm wondering if I should do the same with my daughter's hair. (Not quite that short.) To thicken it a bit.

  8. Sandy! The back of his head looks about 23 years older now; what've you done?

  9. Chic Mama, do they still call him a little girl? My mother in law was horrified when she came round and found Presley's hair in a pony tail!

    Liz, it's harder than it looks to cut hair. I didn't post a 'before' photograph of the front of Presley's hair, but I'd been cutting the fringe myself and he was developing a definite mullet!

    The Woman Who Can, it is a good cut and there's no way I could do that myself!

    Laura, it takes a LOT of getting used to!

    Whistlejacket, he looks very grown up. Curls are a different matter. Cash has curly hair and it will be hard to get that cut off. Good luck with your 15 month old, perhaps just a little trim! x

    Lorraine, it's amazing what a haircut can do. He does look lovely though, his eyes look enormous for some reason!

    Mwa, going very short is a drastic step! Presley's hair is much thicker now.

    Kim, you're not wrong :-/ I have to remind myself he's still the same boy!

  10. Well done Presley on being 'good'. Mine will not even contemplate a hair cut. Even jelly baby bribery does not work. I have to cut his hair while he is asleep! Hence is hair is never quite straight...

  11. Jane, it's hard enough cutting hair at the best of times, but when they're asleep?! The hairdresser was very patient with him and gave him lots of breaks. :-)


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