4 September 2009

How Does Your Baby Sleep?

My prize for winning A Modern Mother's Pamper's Golden Sleep Train competition is an hour on the telephone with a Sleep Professor.

I have a few questions of my own for Professor Gregory Stores. I will be asking why was Cash awake from 1am to 3am today? Yes, I have matchsticks holding open my eyes this morning!

If there's time I'd love to put your questions to the Professor too. The call will take place on Monday afternoon (7th September). Please leave me a comment before then with your sleep question and I'll do my best to ask as many as I can. I'll do a post afterwards and pass on all the Professor's good sleep advice.

*Yawns* Is it bedtime yet?



  1. I'm wondering why my twenty-one month old woke up demanding night feeds for two consecutive weeks this summer. I'm sure she was growing, but it was tiring!

    (Don't worry about asking the professor, though - she stopped. Better use that time for people who are still not sleeping.)

  2. Wow! What a useful prize. I hope he answers all your questions. Look forward to hearing all about it. :0)

  3. Why has my 9 month old baby started to have periods of wakefullness at night when previously she slept 7 til 7?

    Hope you have a better night hun x

  4. Why was my daughter, as an infant, a dream sleeper in that she slept for 8-10 hours with no waking for night time feeds, yet now regularly wakes in the night and sometimes won't go back down without her Momma? Argh. We had to sleep in the front bedroom last night...well, Little Miss slept...I didn't. Must get to bed now...good luck with your phone call! Have fun! ;)

  5. Fantastic prize. Hope it helps with the sleep issues! If there is time could you ask why my 8 month old sometimes sleeps til gone 7 but sometimes wakes at 6 ready to start the day!!! He is put down at the same time, and we don't really do anything different. If there isn't time don't worry. It's not the biggest sleep issue around, and the time could probably be of more use to others!

    Can't wait to hear about all the stuff the prof tells you.

  6. Mwa, if it was hot, perhaps she was thirsty? I will ask about changes in sleeping patterns though as this seems to be a major theme.

    Chic Mama, I'm really looking forward to it, but I'm worried he'll say 'you're doing it all wrong'!! I'll let you know.

    New Mummy, I'll definitely be asking that. It's so tough when you're really tired and they just want to play! Daddy has looked after them for the last two nights and - surprise, surprise - not a peep!! x

    Karin, this is definitely a theme. I think they do it to keep us on our toes. Just when you think you've got them sussed, they throw you a curve ball! x

    Sarah, I'm happy if they wake after 6. I really can't face getting up before then! I will ask you question and I'll let you know x

  7. Fabulous prize to win! Actually having a good nights sleep and good bedding helps with a good nights sleep as well (especially for Mum between crying!)

  8. Deborah, yes, I definitely sleep better in clean sheets!! :-)


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