15 September 2009

The Day I Met Patrick Swayze

My friend Liz was about to emigrate to Australia. We went for a last night out in London. We had a meal and she was so excited that we had tickets to see Guys and Dolls starring her idol Patrick Swayze.

He had a star quality on stage and was pretty fabulous.

Afterwards Liz asked if we could wait at the stage door, in case he came out. I have to say I felt a bit weird doing this, but she seemed very keen, so we waited.

After a short while, there he was, standing in front of us. I was won over. Although he was a total professional and was here as part of his job, he was charming. He answered questions and posed for photographs. It felt like we were in the presence of an old style Hollywood star.

I was saddened to hear today of his death from cancer.

Rest in Peace.



  1. Aw, that's lovely. It is sad, isn't it?

  2. I know very sad, but what a lovely memory, at least now he will know no more pain, thinking of his wife x

  3. A lovely memory for a lovely man, who introduced a whole generation of girls to the idea of Romance!

  4. One of my dreams of my life would have been to dance with Patrick Swayze. He was the most gorgeous looking man. I am so sad for his wife and family. I was shocked to a standstill today when I found out....of all places, on someone else's blog. I've just realised that "Dirty Dancing" and "Ghost" are two of my favourite movies of all time and Patrick also starred in an Indian movie called "City of Joy". May his soul rest in peace....

  5. The world is not quite the same without the hunk from Dirty Dancing in it.

  6. Oh, so sad.

    I put you down for the 16th MArch carnival, hope that's OK.

  7. What a lovely memory. He fought that disease hard and long. God bless him.

  8. RIP - you're so lucky to have met him!

  9. Cafe Bebe, he was lovely. Yes, very sad.

    b, I'm lucky to have that memory of him. Yes, his poor wife. I heard they were together for 24 years. x

    Pippa, ah, what a fitting tribute.

    Gaelikaa, I hadn't realised what an impact he had on people. Such a loss.

    Mwa, too true.

    A Modern Mother, yes, very sad. Thanks, I'll put it in my diary.

    Andrea, it's a treasured memory. Cancer is an awful disease.

    Laura, yes, very lucky. I thought your post on him was lovely.

  10. How fab to have met him. I had his poster on my bedroom wall and when I was 13 me and my friend took the bus twice into town to see Dirty Dancing at the cinema because we thought it was so brilliant, and it's still in my top ten.

  11. When I heard it on the news I cried. He's a good man. Well I guess its his time. May he rest in peace!

  12. Charlotte, he was lovely. Such a great film too.

    Mom Loves Babies, yes, I think he was one of the good ones.


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