15 April 2010

Save The Lullaby and a Giveaway

Do you know all of the words to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or Rock a Bye Baby? Or are you more likely to sing Lady Gaga or the theme from Friends to your little ones? Do you sing to your children at all?

I love singing anyway and have always found that I can calm (or distract) a complaining, grumpy or crying toddler by singing. We've had some strange looks in the supermarket! Music is important to me, although we rarely listen to it during the daytime. I find it competes with my noisy boys and loses. We sing together most days, mostly nursery rhymes, with the odd random tune thrown in - whatever is running around my mind that day.

I was delighted to hear that Sophie Barker (from the wonderful Zero 7) and producer KK (Eno, Dido, Bjork) have put together a campaign to save the lullaby. They have produced a delightful CD of 18 night-time songs.

Here is the track listing:
1. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
2. Somewhere Over The Rainbow
3. Ride a Cock Horse
4. Lavender’s Blue
5. Frere Jacques
6. There was a Crooked Man
7. Sing a Song of Sixpence
8. Little Bo Peep
9. Baa Baa Black Sheep
10. Little Miss Muffet
11. Brahms Lullaby
12. Oranges And Lemons
13. Hush Little Baby
14. Rock a Bye Baby
15. Dream a Little Dream
16. The Owl and the Pussycat
17. Row Your Boat
18. Silent Night

I was sent a review copy of the CD. The second my CD player whirred into action the boys ran over. We settled on the sofa, snuggled together and listened to the beautiful, calming songs. They relaxed instantly. The CD is lovely and soothing. It gets the Baby Baby two thumbs up rating (I'll make a Baby Baby two thumbs up badge one day)!

If you're interested in the campaign to save the lullaby you can join the Facebook Group or buy the CD.

I was sent an extra CD to give away to one lucky Baby Baby reader. To enter the random draw, that will take place on Wednesday 21st April, please leave a 'pick me' comment on this post by midnight on Tuesday 20th April.

This draw is open to all.



  1. Pick me!

    I love singing too & my little monster has a few CDs of nursery rhymes but his constant favourite is from the man who's music classes we went to.

  2. Pick me. As much as I love the Sign and Sign songs, we could do with a change of CD every now and then!!

  3. is the lullaby really under threat? i struggle to think of words to anything EXCEPT a lullaby!

  4. i love michael jackson's songs other

  5. Pick me!
    I sing to Dylan a LOT, but I am terrible at nursery rhymes. I forget the words half way & make up some new ones.
    Or I just avoid them altogether and sing Maximo Park songs :P

  6. Pick Me. I recently downloaded some french nursery rhymes for Noelie. I can't remember half of them though!

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  8. Let’s keep the lullabies
    They work so well
    Despite their ramblings about the cat in the dell
    And the cow jumping over the moon
    The beauty don’t you see
    Is that you can be anything you want to be
    Merrily we sleep and dream a little dream :-)
    (Pick me)

  9. Please pick me, I love lullabies

    Toddlergirl has her own personalised one that she now asks for and I'm finalising Babygirl's personalised one (yes, I know, 2nd child and I didn't get around to it as quickly)

  10. we had that cd when our daughter was born and it really, really worked. you have just reminded me about it and now I must go and dig it out ready for baby #2's imminent arrival :)

  11. Me please!

    I am looking forward to discovering non-horrendous nursery rhymes :)

  12. We love music and singing in our house and wach of my four children have their own song which is just theirs at bed time. We have three adopted children and music is so important in their healing and growing. Would love the opportunity to win this :)

  13. Ooh me please!

    I sing to the babies all day. Sometimes I sing lullabies, sometimes songs from their Monkey Music class, and sometimes pop songs. Both of them love music, and certain songs really calm them down. I've had many a car journey singing at the top of my voice to stop them screaming in the back!

  14. I love lullabys. My 3yo sings twinkle twinkle all the time. It was the only thing that would calm him as a baby. I remember singing it over and over again to him in the middle of the night. It would mainly send my OH to sleep :)

  15. Pick me please! Buba loves music so much, she always dances when songs she likes come on the radio/tv. Could do with a lullaby CD tho, from the books we've got I always find out I'm singing the wrogn words!

  16. Thank you all for entering! I'll announce the winner very soon.

    Babies Who Brunch, maybe, maybe not. It's still a lovely CD! :-)

    Irish Mammy, that was wonderful :-)

    Muddling Along, what a great idea!

    Lauren, you've just reminded me that my mum used to sing to me every night :-)


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