6 April 2010

The Gallery: How Not To Decorate

The photographic prompt for this week at the Sticky Fingers Gallery is ugly.

My first thought was to photograph my feet, but Tara specified a no feet clause on Twitter!

I had to think again. It didn't take me long to think of something ugly to photograph, all I had to do was to look around me.

You know how they tell you, on property programmes like Location Location Location, to look beyond the decor when you're buying a house? Yep, well, we did that. I've written about it before.

Unfortunately we moved in with a three month old baby and had another baby less than nine months later. Neither of us are what you would call keen DIYers, so basically, we haven't decorated. At all. Not even one room.

We're planning to put the house on the market soon. I hope any potential buyers will look beyond the decor.

Here it is, in all its hideous glory.

Disclaimer 1: if you have any of the following wallpaper, carpet, paint, coving, shelves, bathroom fittings or tiles, I'm sorry. They're just not to my taste!

Disclaimer 2: they may look like spiders' webs, but... oh who am I kidding. I spend all my spare time blogging, I dislike housework and I like spiders!



  1. You're right (disclaimer to anyone else reading this clearly). It's HIDEOUS!

  2. Ha ha. This is the trouble, one person's ugly is another person's beauty . . .
    Just love that you've used decor as the prompt. Brilliant!

  3. oh my! and I though our bright pink carpet was bad. I am not buying your house, sorry!

  4. Oh God how can anyone have such vile taste? I remember that bubbly wallpaper from the 80's my parents had it until we picked it all of.

  5. ohh Sandy, some very err 'interesting' decor there! lol

  6. I can't believe you've managed to live there, though I guess you get used to anything after a while? Our entire living room wall was crazy-paved and varnished when we moved in. Thankfully it was pre-babies so we managed to get at lease the main rooms done before they arrived.

    And you like spiders?! Can I call you to get rid of the next one I find in my house please?

  7. Actually, on their own some of these aren't too bad. You should see my kitchen!

  8. Okay so some of that IS ugly but some is workable. I remember decorating our lounge when number 1 still couldn't crawl properly. I would stick him in the middle of the room with toys while I painted around him. The fumes probably didn't do him much good but I didn't think of that at the time! OOps.
    There is an award for you at mine. x

  9. How interesting! Love the ornaments though, should be possible to change the appearance with a bit of paint but I would get rid of the tiles and shelves hahaha.

  10. Yummy! err there really aren't words lol

  11. That is some truly awful decor you have there! The photos look like they have been taken in 6 different houses! very confused decorator. I did a similar theme to you.

  12. Victoria, I know. I have to look at it every day! :-(

    Plan B, I seriously hope the previous owner doesn't read my blog!

    Tara, that's so true! I've hated this decor for 2 years.

    Jumbly Mummy, I saw your bright dog-hair pink carpet. It would fit perfectly in here!

    Last of the Mojitos, it's the bubbly paper everywhere that has really put us off decorating. What if it doesn't come off?!

  13. Michelle, yep, interesting is one way to describe it!

    Young Mummy, I wish we'd moved in pre-children, we would have definitely decorated. Perhaps I should clarify about the spiders, I don't like them that much, but I prefer them to flies!

    A Modern Mother, really? But the whole house is like it. I's too fussy. Ooh, you must show us a picture of your kitchen!

    Chic Mama, we've decided to sell it as it is! Thanks for the award, I'll be over to collect it in a minute :-)

    Chelle, the trouble is, once you start to make changes it makes the rest of the house look even worse!

  14. Ang, haha sob sob sob!!

    Brighton Mum, it's just too much! Have you finished redecorating your place?

  15. Cor blimey, you've got some treats going on there! The blue and yellow in the last photo is a particular migraine inducer. How's the prep for the house sale going?

  16. Baking Mad Mama, luckily the blue/yellow combo is the spare room! We've de-cluttered and been to the tip a few times. We're almost ready to put the house on the market! x

  17. Wow its like a timewarp! :D

  18. Hayley, definitely!! :-)


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