27 April 2010

The Gallery: Portrait

The theme for the Sticky Fingers Gallery this week is portrait. I have taken a self-portrait. 

I am concerned that I've been showing a little too much of myself here on Baby Baby. I have described how I feel about the lives and deaths of my father and my brother. By writing about these deeply personal and private emotions I have exposed a large part of my heart and soul. 

I wonder whether this is a Good Thing. I feel slightly uncomfortable. Stripped bare.

There are bloggers, wonderful bloggers, that share much more with their readers and others, equally as wonderful, that share very little. Each of us has a line. Some days I wish I had the confidence to move my line forwards. Other days, like today, I'm quite happy to hide part of myself. 

Behind my hands.

Where do you draw the line?




  1. I don't think it matters where any of us draw the line. We are all different in life as we are online and I love that big old mixing pot of people.
    Great picture. Very 1980s pop star!

  2. Shame we can't see your Nick Rhodes haircut!

  3. Such a stylish picture - could definitely be a Face cover!

  4. Oh I know what you mean, I wonder the same things sometimes....but your posts have been great and sometimes it is very therapeutic getting those feelings out.
    I love the picture too. x

  5. I think it can take confidence to keep the line back too.

    Sometimes it's about love and groundedness and self-assuredness, not about confidence, too.

  6. ooh, great portrait. The line is different for us all, online and in life,that's what's so great about the world, we're all very different xx

  7. Great photo, love it. Somedays we want to share, to connect, and other days we just don't, that's just how life is sometimes.

  8. I can see you peeping at "us" - what a great photo.. if the line made you take that, then it is a good line.. ;-)

  9. That's a great photo. And an excellent way to describe drawing the line. I think as you say sometimes it depends on the day and the mood we are in. It's great to have a mixture. We can't always be open and sometimes we need to have an outpour.

  10. I like the fact that all blogs are differnt, unique. Thats cool by me, as it your image

  11. Great picture Sandy. You have very nice nails and shaped fingers! And a manicure. Which is what I need right now.

    I know what you mean about drawing the line. I think it can move forward and backward when ever you choose. And it is up to you where you feel like drawing it on any given day.

  12. That's a good question. I've actually been thinking about it recently. I am quite open on my blog. My mum mentioned the other week that I shouldn't tell people as much as I do but it's my blog and I guess I can draw the line where I want. I don't offend or upset anyone.

    CJ xx

  13. Deer Baby's right. You've got amazingly groomed hands... glad I didn't put mine up there! And no, you're not too open. You're you. And that's precisely why people read what you write.

  14. Lovely photo, it reminds of my children playing peekaboo. I guess the line can move about a bit and is different for each of us, just as it is when we are out in the 'real' world. x

  15. You have to do what you're comfortable with... and you *are* entitled to change your mind, you know ;)

    Very arty photo :D

  16. Nice rings! I like the pic, could be your album cover.

  17. I write whatever I feel comfortable revealing. Great take on the theme.

  18. hello just found this blog and love it. i am a new mom to a 3 month old baby girl. love reading your experiences. i just came up with a new line of baby onesies, cute sayings like "rock n' stroll" and "strollin' with my homies"- thought you might be interested or even post. thanks so much!! <3

  19. I think we all draw our lines wherever we feel most comfortable. Go with the flow, I say. The picture is very Pulp Fiction altogether!

  20. Susie, hahahaha, yes :-)

    Tara, very true and it's a good thing. 1980s pop star... not Nick Rhodes then?!

    Mummy, thank you! :-)

    Victoria, I twitpic'd. Did you see it?

    Liz, ooh, thank you :-)

  21. Nova, thank you. It has been therapeutic, definitely, but also a little scary! x

    Helen, that's very true.

    Heather, you're so right x

    Brighton Mum, everyone has been so wise with their comments! Thank you.

    Red Ted Art, thank you :-)

  22. Heather, that's so true, thank you.

    Liz, thank you :-) x

    The Mad House, cool! Thank you :-)

    Deer Baby, true, my blog, my rules! Thank you for the kind words about my hands. No manicures for me though!

    CJ, you're right, you can write what you like so long as no one gets hurt x

  23. Plan B, thank you. No one's ever called me groomed before. I like it!

    Christine, yes, so true.

    Nickie, thank you, I like being able to change my mind!

    Geekymummy, thank you. Now there's an idea!

    I if could escape, thank you :-)

  24. Baby Bregel-Bausum, thank you. Your daughter is beautiful!

    Hot Cross Mum, go with the flow - I like it!

    Notes to self, thank you :-) x

  25. Very arty Sandy! *nods approvingly* I love your engagement ring!

  26. Baking Mad Mama, thank you :-) x


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