9 April 2010

Girls Jewellery Competition

This is a sponsored post.

When I was asked if I would like to write about Molly Brown London girls jewellery my initial reaction was a sad 'but I've got boys'. Then I remembered our four nieces and my three God-daughters and had a look at this childrens jewellery site.

I've always loved jewellery. I remember fondly every piece of jewellery I was given as a girl. I had three amethysts (my birth stone) in silver ball cages on silver chains. I'm not sure why I had three of them, perhaps they were on special offer at Argos. I had silver crosses given to me the two times I was a bridesmaid. One of my most treasured possessions was a gold-plated heart necklace that my parents bought me on a day trip to Great Yarmouth. With hindsight it was quite a medallion, but I loved it. I still have it and am rather embarrassed about the 'engraving' on the back. "I love John Taylor IDST" would date the necklace to 1981. *whispers* it's still true!

I was always obsessed with charm bracelets, but never had one. I guess it's never too late to start one...

Molly Brown designer girls jewellery is perfect if you are looking for a special gift for a little girl (or even a big girl). I've got my eye on this three jelly bean necklace. You can even choose your combination of jelly beans:

I also love these new arrivals, Tinkerbelle necklaces and charms. Perfect as a Christening or Bridesmaid gift:

And finally, to satisfy the child in me, here is a Molly Brown charm bracelet:

Isn't it gorgeous? Here are a few more charms to go on it:

Molly Brown London are running a competition, in conjunction with the Good Web Guide, with a fantastic prize of a £250 to spend at Molly Brown London.

To enter click here. The closing date is 15th April. Good luck!


  1. I love this! Soraya just got some for her birthday from Grams...she got the little pink heart on a chain...soooo cute :) x

  2. Carly, ooh, lucky Soraya. I'm tempted to get a jelly bean for myself! x

  3. Included you in my 6 degrees of blogging post-check it out


  4. Mary, oh that's excellent. I'll be over to check it out shortly :-)

  5. These are really delightful jewelry pieces, and the range of colours are ideal for girls. They are very appropriate for kids, too - very pretty but not too expensive!

  6. Hebrew Jewelry, I totally agree :-)


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