30 April 2010

New Shoes

This is a sponsored post.

It will soon be time for Presley and Cash to get some new shoes. Buying shoes for children isn't quite as exciting as buying shoes for us mummies, but it's still shoe shopping! I love the tiny boxes their shoes come in too.

The main concern we all have with buying children's shoes is making sure they fit properly. In the past I've tended to get my boys' feet measured in a shoe shop and then bought shoes from the same shop, but not any more. We buy so much online these days that it makes sense to buy shoes online too.

The clever people at Start-rite have devised a way to foot measure at home. Their excellent YouTube channel gives fitting advice and this, how to use the shoe gauge.

Once you have your shoe gauge you can check your children's feet without dragging them to the shoe shop. You can then choose from the massive range of shoes at Start-rite.

I've got my eye on these for Presley:

He has narrow feet and these are adjustable so I have no concerns about ordering them online.

They're only £19 too, bargain!

If you get the slightest hint that their feet have grown all you have to do is get out your shoe gauge and start measuring. It's such a simple idea!

I love these too:

Shh, don't tell anyone but they're only £16 in the sale and I want a pair for Cash!

See, it's still shopping :-)


  1. I love shoe shopping and so does my little girl. She's only a toddler but she just loves the whole experience. I am now debating shopping online for shoes as when we are in the shop there is never anything nice in her size.

  2. Oh there cute, we love shoe shopping to . Recently picked up a pair of iggle piggle trainers for my 19m old brand new out a charity shop for 1.50 i was so pleased lol.
    They shoes are cute , i could imagine the kids running around in them during the summer

  3. This is such a good tip. I hate shoe shopping with daughter. You take a ticket, wait for half an hour and then they never have any shoes that fit!

    (See my post: http://workingmumonverge.blogspot.com/2009/02/new-shoes.html)

  4. Photo Puddle, there's more choice online, worth a try!

    Laura, my boys would love IgglePiggle trainers, lucky Ru!

    Working Mum, I know, the ticket thing is annoying - especially when you have sat for half an hour and forgotten to take one!


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