20 July 2009

Your Blog is Bleeping Fabulous!

If you're not keen on swearing please look away now:

Huge thanks to the lovely (40 weeks pregnant) Dancinfairy at A Place of My Own and to the wonderful Carol at New Mummy for this bleeping fabulous award. Please go and visit them, their blogs are bleeping fabulous too!

The rules:
  • Thank the person who gave you the award
  • List five current obsessions
  • Pass it on to five worthy blogs
So here are my current obsessions:
  1. My children. Presley and Cash are the most amazing little things. It's hard to believe I pooed them out (as my husband jokingly describes childbirth)! I record in my diary every new word, every tiny development. This weeks diary entries have included: P asked for more sultanas and used the sign for 'more', C worked out how to turn the TV back on after he accidentally turned it off. Clearly these are not major achievements, but they are in the diary!
  2. Blogging. I only started my blog two months ago, but I'm now obsessed with improving my writing and reading blogs, I've got around 150 in my reader and I hate getting too far behind!
  3. Potty training. This is around the corner. I've bought potties and pants and got some books out of the library. I'm looking at Presley wondering if he's ready or not. When he is I hope I am!
  4. Fruit loaf. I adore fruit loaf, toasted with butter. I first tried it years ago when I lived in Australia where they call it raisin toast. At Easter I found a hot cross bun loaf. I've tried them all but my favourite is Warburtons raisin and cinnamon.
  5. Baby names. I have been obsessed with baby names since I was a little girl naming my dolls. I've lost count of how many baby name books I own. I can tell you the meaning of most names. In those long years before I met Andy, when I had just about given up hope of having children, I knew what I wanted to call my children. Sad eh?! Presley and Cash were never on my list, so all that effort was wasted in the end! I lay in bed at night thinking what we would call numbers three and four, even though numbers three and four are totally imaginary.
I'm passing this award on to five blogs that I love reading because they are well written and have either made me laugh out loud or cry in agreement. They are:

Please check them out.

Dancinfairy was also kind enough to pass the Honest Scrap award on to me too. I already have this on my virtual mantelpiece so I will add your name to it. Thanks very much.



  1. Thanks for this, I'll sit down with a coffee and have a good thing later.

  2. My boy has just added the word to his (slightly made up) "more" sign: moaaaar! Sometimes accompanied by frenzied signing of "please"....then I just have to workout WHAT he wants more of....(PLEASE!)

  3. Thanks so much for the award Sandy! You've brought tears to my eyes!

    I love that you are obsessed with baby names...you'll have to write books then you can give the names out to characters! Any way I am on a blogging diet (!) - restricted consumption, gotta sort this flat out before my littley gets back else I'll loose him behind a pile of books, or newspapers or washing!

    Thanks again x

  4. LOVE your kids names...love them. And congrats on the F for F'ing fabulous award.

  5. Hard to believe it's only been two months you've been blogging. About the same for me. I'm completely obsessed with it too.

  6. Sorry to double comment! As a thank you for always reading and commenting my blog, I've tagged you! You're my most loyal reader :-) you don't have to play, just a thought, maybe I'll send a bit of traffic your way too. xx

  7. I only ever obsess over baby names when i'm pregnant, which come to think of it is pretty much all the time ha, you will have to get some pets to pass the names onto instead - i have a shed load of boys names that i'm planning on passing on to a puppy and a few fish in the future. Keep me posted on the potty progress....i haven't been brave enough yet to attempt it x

  8. Congrats on your awards, very well deserved. Blogging is terribly addictive but a great way to meet new people. Something you obviously love doing.

    CJ xx

  9. You've made me nostalgic for fruit loaf and butter....can't get it over here, feeling homesick again. Sandy, congratulations on your award, well deserved, this is a place I love to visit, I always come away smiling to myself. See you soon....

  10. Congrats on the awards - and well done for achieveing so much with your blogging in such a short space of time - it is very addictive isn't it?!! And just one more thing - if you're obsessed about potty training now - then once you start you'll be even more obsessed - it takes over your life! Good luck in advance! x

  11. Sally, looking forward to reading your obsessions x

    Allgrownup, life should be so much more straightforward when the can fully communicate!
    I love that I'm your most loyal reader! Thanks for the tag x

    HMHB, you're welcome, I love your blog. That's a great idea! So I have all the characters' names.. the rest of the book with be a doddle! ;-)

    NM, thanks x

    JennyMac, thank you :-)

    Mwa, yes, it's quite addictive!

    WoB, LOL! Hmm, can you call a goldfish Lola? Perhaps we should start a potty training support group! x

    CJ, thanks and I have already met some lovely people through blogging :-) x

    Gaelikaa, thanks, what a lovely thing to say. Do you have a blog? If so, please let me have the link.

    MT, thanks! I know you've been through it from reading your blog!!

  12. Thanks for the award Sandy,

    I'm so fuc%ing chuffed and intend to brag like mad!


  13. Oh they sound like major milestones to me. I cannot wait to start recording Squigler's every move!

    You deserve both awards, I love reading your blog :o)

  14. GG, Bleeping marvellous, glad you like it x

    Dancinfairy, I have to write everything down, if I don't then I forget! Thanks :-)


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