16 July 2009

Cat Update

Eric has been found.

I had a phonecall yesterday from a vets about six miles away from here (that's six miles by road, or just over three miles as the crow flies, or as the cat hobbles). The Cats Protection League had found Eric on Monday night and taken him to the vets. Apparently he was in a bad way, with a couple of untreated wounds.

The vet had to put him to sleep.

Thankfully he was micro-chipped so they were able to contact me, albeit two days later. I was so grateful to them for letting me know. Not knowing was awful.

Trying to piece together what happened is obviously difficult, but on the night he decided to leave us he must have set off and started walking. This was totally out of character, he had never so much as tried to get out of the garden. I realised he was missing after about half an hour and started calling him. I now assume he was already too far away to hear me. This fits with my theory of him going away to die.

So he was gone for five days and nights. He'd probably been in a scrap with another cat. He must have found some food, water and shelter. I'm trying to imagine that he was reasonably okay most of the time.

We picked up his body this morning. He looked fast asleep, curled up like a kitten. He looked better than I was expecting, so that was a relief. I was able to stroke him one last time and say goodbye.

We buried him, as planned, under his favourite bush in the garden, where he used to sleep.

I can see his grave from here.

I imagine he's tucking in to a never-ending bowl of tuna in cat heaven.

Rest In Peace Eric x



  1. I'm in tears just reading this, it must be awful for you. I really am sorry xxx

  2. Oh poor Eric, I'm very sorry to hear of this. I have two cats Doris and Alfie and I'd be really upset if anything happened to them. In fact Alfie is always getting himself in to trouble but nine lives and all that. I know this sounds a bit silly, but at least you have closure now. xxx

  3. Poor Eric. I am pleased that you got him back and you have been able to say goodbye in your own way.

  4. You poor thing. Glad he's home now.

  5. Glad to hear Eric is back with you and you were able to say goodbye to him and give him a nice resting place..xx

  6. I'm so sorry to hear about Eric Sandy, but i'm glad he was chipped and you know where he ended up kim x

  7. Aww i am sorry. I'm sending you big (((hugs))) x x

  8. You found him! Good to have him where you wanted, and not to always wonder. x

  9. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments. I was very upset at his 'funeral' this morning, but I feel a lot better now. Still sad, but relieved too. x

  10. Aw hun, that's twice in one day you've made me cry!
    I'm so sorry for poor Eric, but glad you were at least able to say a proper goodbye & have him resting where you wanted xx

  11. Just spotted this post, you poor thing. I'm so glad you have some closure on what happened though and that you managed to see him. I think just seeing them and that they look so peaceful helps you to know they are OK now.

    Hugs, Mel xxx

  12. Leslieanne, I'm sorry for making you cry. Yes, it was a comfort to be able to say goodbye to him x

    Mel, thanks and yes you're right. He just looked asleep. We do have closure now x

  13. I am so please that you got to say your goodbyes. RIP Eric xxx


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