22 July 2009

The Meme Award

Huge thanks to Amazing Amy at and 1 more means four for this meme award. The wonderful Sally at Who's the Mummy also sent me a similar meme. So I shall kill two birds with one stone!

The rules:
  • Acknowledge the person who gave you the award
  • List seven personality traits about yourself
  • Pass the award on to seven other blogs that deserve recognition for the personalities that they share with the blogging world.

Hmm, seven personality traits. This was harder than I expected! I'd be interested to find out what traits Andy would list for me. Maybe I'll ask him later!

Here goes:

  1. Punctual. I'm always early or on time. I HATE being late. If I'm unavoidably detained I will let you know. I find it really difficult to cope with people who are unreliable or poor time-keepers. Even with two under two, who both decide to do a poo seconds before we're due to leave, I'm still on time. You see I work backwards from when I need to leave and include a fifteen minute contingency. A poo contingency if you like!
  2. All or nothing. I just googled 'all or nothing personality' to see if there was a word that summed it up. There isn't, although I was dismayed that the majority of the pages that came up were in some way connected to mental health! Ahem! I'm either doing something or I'm not. I try my best at whatever I decide to do, there are no half-hearted attempts. I'll either go to my yoga class every week and stretch every day, or I'll stop doing it entirely. I'm now a blogger, so I spend most of my free time reading blogs. Either do it properly or not at all is my motto.
  3. Nosiness. I need to know what's going on. I hate being left out! If there's a light on and the curtains are open I can't resist taking a peak. That's probably why I love reading blogs, you get an insight into someone's life that you wouldn't get any other way.
  4. Loyal. I'm a very good friend. I find it difficult to make friends because I'm quite shy, but when I do find one I hold onto them. I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of true friends I have. You know the ones you would drop everything for, the ones who'll take your phone call no matter what time you ring. The ones you can laugh with. The ones you can have huge belly laughs with until you have to stop laughing because it hurts and you have tears rolling down your cheeks. The ones you can cry with.
  5. Procrastination. I annoy myself with this one. Why do I take months to reply to emails? Why haven't I opened Cash's Child Trust Fund? I leave things until the last minute. I'm an organised person, so why do I do this?
  6. Caring. I hope you don't think I'm bigging myself up by calling myself caring. But I do care. I've always cared for people and animals. I hate to see anyone ill or upset. I like to be part of a community and look out for my neighbours.
  7. Perfectionist. I'm pretty hard on myself, although I'm not as bad as I used to be. Having children has made me realise that I'm not perfect. In fact most days I call myself a useless mother (in my head). I need to learn to relax, to let things go and to go with the flow.

Wow, I feel like I've had a therapy session!

Here are the seven bloggers I think need a session on the couch, erm I mean, here are the seven bloggers I would like to know more about:

I think you should check them out too because they're all lovely blogs by lovely bloggers!


And another thing....
It's British Mummy Bloggers Carnival time again, so get yourself over to Rebel Mother's for some twiglets, a glass of something fizzy, and a good read :-)



  1. Your comment link was hiding. did you know that? I clicked anyway and got through though. Nice Meme - I relate to a lot of your characteristics!

  2. I was going to say the exact same as the comment above :)

  3. Nice characteristics to have....some of mine would be very similar.... congratulations on the award

  4. Thank you Sandy, I'm honoured!

  5. You sound just lovely and thank you for thinking of mememe - i have just completed mine and can't believe how hard it was to come up with 7 traits x x

  6. Hmmm bit worried now as everyone has found it a challenge! Thanks for the award,lateness is a MAJOR bugbear of mine too, it's just so RUDE, I find myself disproportionately angry with friends (sisters!) who are always 10 mins or more late.

  7. Excellent! I especially liked that you're caring - not enough people are!

  8. Oh I am losing it! I think I have commented three times, but there doesn't seem to be a comment here!

    I have scribbled mine on a bit of paper and will type up later. Thanks for the tag :o)

    I am the same about the punctuality, in fact I am usually pathologically early for everything which is why the fact this baby is 6 days late so far is so amusing to me!

  9. Well, I asked Andy to list seven personality traits for me. At first he wasn't keen. I think he felt I was putting him on the spot. I suppose I was, but I was curious.

    We agreed on: caring, all or nothing and punctual.

    He added: fun-loving, organised, impatient and stubborn!

    RtbC123 and Mrs OMG, thanks for letting me know about the comments. I've checked the settings and can't find anything wrong!

    Lorraine, thank you, you sound lovely then!

    Jen, you're welcome, I love your blog :-)

    WoB, you're welcome, it's harder than you think!!

    Allgrownup, you're welcome. Lateness is one of my top pet hates, it's up there with bad driving!

    Sally, I wish more people were caring too.

    Dancinfairy, you're welcome. Luckily Presley is like me, he was a week early. Cash was induced five days early, so we'll never know when he would have shown his face!

  10. Sorry I'm a bit late, but thanks so much for the tag.

    I'm getting in a right mess with these tags....!

    And thanks for the ad for the BMB Carnival - you're a little angel.

    Love RMxx

  11. RM, you're welcome. I know, I'm the same. It's nice to be popular ;-) xx


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