23 July 2009

Designer Dishwasher

In a post earlier this week I asked for suggestions for indoor play for my toddler, the lovely Iota from Not wrong, just different came up with the idea to play at washing up.

This morning, while Cash was having a nap, I put a big towel down on the kitchen floor and dragged a chair in for Presley to stand on. He was already intrigued. Then I put his apron on and told him he could help mummy with the washing up. He squealed with delight!

I have to point out that this is no ordinary apron, it's an exclusive, one-off Sophie4Sophie original. If you're unfamiliar with the Sophie4Sophie brand you can visit Natalie's website here. It is still under construction, but the basics are there. You will notice that she makes fabulous dresses. If you want to buy a Sophie4Sophie dress they are stocked at Juicytots.

I have been friends with Natalie via Twitter for a while now and she also blogs at Soph4Soph. In one of her posts she mentioned making funky bibs for babies and she thought that she could make aprons too, so I e-mailed her, chose some fabric and she made Presley his very own apron! So it's like he's got a Sophie4Sophie dress, but it's for boys! She also made Cash a bib using the same material so he wouldn't feel left out. I love them!

Presley had a splashing good time. We both got soaked (apart from the bits covered by his apron). He played for forty five minutes. Result! Afterwards I took off his wet clothes, dried him and put some clean clothes on him. Then I dried around the sink, the floor, the chair and the cupboard under the sink!

I know, you're dying to see the photos - here is my designer dishwasher:



  1. WOW! he looks amazing in the apron!! Thanks so much for showing us the pics! and sharing my Website in your blog post!!
    Im so glad you both love the apron! if anyone else is interested, i'd love to make some more!! :-)

  2. Oh no! Too cute - now I'm going to have to let mine do the washing up. So far, I've only let them do that outside, with their own dishes.

  3. Smurf loves to play in the sink too...the apron looks fab..glad he had fun

  4. Oh yes. This brings back happy memories! Such a sweet back view... and what a fab apron. All mine liked the 'clean the bath' too. After their bath I would hand out a couple of (clean) cloths and scrubbing brushes. Fab! They loved it.
    Oh, and the best... get some painting brushes (big ones, not kids ones) and a bucket. fill bucket with water and let them 'paint' the outside wall. Hours of fun.

  5. Cool apron, I'm sure you've mentioned in the past that you have a dishwasher, now you have two!

  6. Loving the apron, Natalie is very talented. Instead of using a chair, you should invest in a Fun Pod, they are much safer and kids love them and if you want to get them involved in baking or cooking as they get older, you will get oodles of use out of one.

  7. I love the apron. Cannot wait until Squigler is old enough to have one. I will get him a bib first though. the fabric is fantastic.

  8. Soph4Soph, glad you like it, he does look cute in it. The monkeys went down a storm! x

    Mwa, luckily we've got an old kitchen so we're not too bothered about a bit of water damage. Having said that, indoor washing up will not be a regular occurrence!

    Lorraine, thanks, he loved it :-)

    LWM, LOL at 'painting' the outside of the house. That will keep them occupied for ages, love it! Cleaning the bath is a great idea too :-)

    WaW, yes that's right, you've got a good memory!! Are you still dishwasherless? We've only had one for the past 18 months, so easy ;-)

    b, yes the apron is brilliant. I don't like him standing on the chair, I'll have a look at a Fun Pod, thanks.

    Dancinfairy, the bib is so cool, but I forgot to photograph it! I think Natalie found the material by searching for 'funky monkey material'!

  9. The aprons look very useful! And water is always so much fun! Thanks for visiting my blog, by the way!

  10. Geekymummy, you're welcome. Yes, water is too much fun!

  11. He is absolutely adorable!! I love his hair, too. :)

    That apron is lovely... definitely will have to check out their shop.

  12. April, thanks! I love his hair long, but it keeps getting in his face and seems to be annoying him. We're thinking about getting it cut :-( x

  13. Kaitlynn loves playing in water.

  14. Amy, yes, Presley is obsessed with water too!


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