14 July 2009

I Wish I Could Think of a Snappy Title!

There's still no sign of our beloved cat, not even a body. It's the not knowing that's hardest. We hope he went off to die on his own and that it happened quickly and painlessly. Anything else is too awful to contemplate.


I'm still trying to win a mini-break!

Now there's another chance to enter. The wonderful Zooarchaeologist at Being a Mummy is holding a competition to win:
2 nights for 2 Adults and 2 Children at the 4 star Best Western in Stoke-on-Trent including B & B and a 1 day family pass to Alton Towers for a family of 4. Total prize value is £300

To complete my entry I'm including a poem about being a mummy.
I'm cheating slightly here and including the lyrics to a song I wrote recently on this very subject.

It's a jolly pop song, in the style of The Beautiful South. It won a UK Songfight competition (woo hoo)!

I include the words to the chorus on my Twitter bio and I think it has put off quite a few feminists from following me back. I say 'I'm happy to be a housewife in the Indian Summer of my life'. I can't think of anything more feminist or empowering than working flippin' hard for twenty years so that I can now be in the position to afford to stay at home while my children are small. This is my choice.

Gosh I'm still in ranting mode, sorry!

Anyway, here it is:

Indian Summer

Married to my career, I climbed the corporate ladder
Now I just stay at home, I couldn’t be any gladder

What do you do? Am I embarrassed to say?
Well I watch Countdown, I can fill my day

I’m happy to be a housewife in the Indian Summer of my life

Got to see the first smile, got to see the first walk
Don’t miss the politics, don’t miss the business talk

I love In The Night Garden, I love animal biscuits
No more stand up meetings, don’t have to put up with misfits

I’m happy to be a housewife in the Indian Summer of my life

Biological clock tick tick tick tick, Elvis sealed my fate
Loving my Indian Summer, blossoming late

I’m happy to be a housewife in the Indian Summer of my life

You can listen to it here.



  1. Whoa and talented too. Good luck to you. I went through a competition entering phase when I was desperate for a holiday and had zero cash (plus ca change then). All I ended up with was a heavyweight of junk mail, but hopefully you will be more successful.

  2. That is great. And I couldn't agree with you more!

    I have tagged you on my blog http://youfoundkelshidingplace.blogspot.com/2009/07/photo-tag.html

    Really sorry that there is no sign of the cat. They do tend to go off on their own like that somewhere quiet I think but I know it must be hard for you.

  3. bloody brilliant, i love it!! Thanks for your comments on my blog - they are always very welcome! And have enjoyed reading yours! x

  4. WOW! what an amazing talent you have! love your voice.

  5. Soz about the cat, Sandy, horrid.

    I love the rhyming of ladder/gladder!

    kim x

  6. Gosh, I'd love to hear the tune. I love the title of this blog too!

  7. Fingers crossed for you,


  8. Mumof4, hello and thank you. Hopefully there'll be no bloggy junk mail!

    Dancinfairy, thanks. Thanks for the photo tag too, what a great idea!

    Elsie, thank you! And thanks for visiting too, I've really liked what I've read in your blog so far x

    Widge, Thank you so much :-)

    Kim, thanks. Yes, the whole thing was meant to have a simple nursery rhyme quality to it x

    WaW, thanks, it took me ages to find a name that wasn't taken. Someone had already used 'you've got your hands full'!
    By the power of Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/sandycalico

    GG, thanks x

    Thank you all for the lovely comments, I wasn't actually fishing for compliments for the song, just trying to increase my chances of winning - I need a holiday!!! x

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Indian summers...I've always wondered what that means - I just know that they're hot, dusty and difficult. Our dog disappeared last year, we never saw the body either, he was really ill, but he just went off and died. It's awful isn't it. I hope you win the holiday!

  11. I love the rhyme of biscuits with misfits.

  12. Gaelikaa, in this context I'm taking Indian Summer to mean late and unexpected sunshine!

    Iota, thanks, I really did used to work with the strangest bunch of people!


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