5 July 2009

Here Lego!

Lego played a huge part in my childhood. I remember (through the rose-tinted spectacles of nostalgia) playing with it for weeks on end. Each morning my brother and I would go through the ritual of sharing it out, brick by brick, until we each had the exactly the same amount of Lego to work with. I would always build houses, he would build cars.

Lego was my husband's favourite toy too. His mum often tells the story of how each morning they knew when he was awake because they could hear him rummaging through the lego box.

Now Presley is old enough for Lego (yay!) we bought him this Duplo starter kit.

The box makes a good boat or seat and the lid has been used as some kind of space-mask, but the contents are a new favourite. Presley instinctlively knew what to do with the Lego. He had no trouble putting pieces together. He brings us tall towers for approval. He loves the little car. We made him a phone which he chats into. He holds it to our ears and to Cash's ear too. So sweet.

I'm not sure about the 'new' colours of light green and light blue, but I guess I'm just showing my age!

Do you know what the best thing about it is? Andy and I can't keep our hands off the stuff. It's so wonderful to hold, it fits together beautifully. It brings back memories. Don't tell anyone but I made a house!

The worst thing about Lego? I doesn't half hurt when you tread on it!



  1. I used to love lego too... and like you my sisters and I used to share it out but always argued about who got the biggest bit of green ground.... ahhh love it!

  2. Lego was my favourite toy, much more so than rubbish dollies! I used to make Gothic churches: does that say bad things about my childhood?! Ha ha.

  3. I used to love Lego...and now Smurf has some that his favorite auntie bought him...he always makes fire engines..

  4. I love lego :D
    can't wait til the little dude is old enough to give me an excuse to play with it again - purely as an instructor, of course ;)

  5. Yes, I also loved Lego, and so did my son. He's 24 now, so I no longer have an excuse to play with *his* toys! (smile)

    But I do remember the days! ;)

  6. A big fave in this household too - endless ours of play, constructing whole villages, castles, vertiginous towers and schools! I get as wrapped up in the play as the children (more?)...

    Like you, the only time I've ever cursed the stuff is when I've trodden on a tiny piece that's escaped the tidy-up. Ouch!

  7. We have the same box and love it. I try to make houses, but my boys have a tendency to make guns. But, their engineering skills have had to develop as I refuse to help them with that one!

  8. Charlie's inherited Sally's old Duplo recently - doesn't want to make anything with it, mind: he just empties it all over the floor making a huge din and enormous mess.

  9. Oh my Mum sold our lego because my brother and I used it as ammunition to throw at each other - him behind the armchair, me the sofa and she would always be stepping on it!

    My nephew just likes moving piles of it round the room with his digger and dumper truck.

  10. I just need to see or hear the word lego and I remember the pain of bare feet and lego on the floor.


  11. Award for you over at mine, enjoy!

  12. Duplo is the best. I don't like the small lego, though. My son is five now and he likes the small bricks now, and they are a pain. They get lost, you can't unstick them from each other and the bits are so small you have to worry if there's a baby around. But Duplo? Lovely.

  13. Mrs OMG, I'm guessing we had the same size of green bases as I don't remember any arguments! x

    Allgrownup, Gothic churches? Fab! x

    Lorraine, fire engines are cool! x

    Miss L, instructor? Yes, of course ;-) x

    Raenie, welcome :-) Grandchildren? x

    Mamma Po, hi! All we have at the moment are vertiginous towers (great word)! x

    BiB, ooh, guns! We haven't had the gun discussion yet! x

    Tim, Presley does that too, what a racket! x

    Dancinfairy, so many uses for lego!! Thanks for the award, that's very sweet of you x

    GG, there have been a few eye-watering moments already! x

    Mwa, thanks for stopping by! Yes, we'll have Duplo for a while yet! x

  14. Oh my - no I can't keep my hands off the Duplo either when it's out - I'm always the one making the house while the spud just loves to stick the pieces together into... a tall tower! I like the new colours though.

  15. Hee hee I loved it too. And yay you made a house. :D My two love getting the lego out at my Mum's and build houses and doll's furniture and everything with it. It really is a brilliant toy isn't it, but you're right, it blumming kills when you tread on it.

  16. Lego is great! FP has her own lego at home and my old lego at her grandparents' house. You can never have too much lego!

  17. We love lego too, and I always stand on it bare foot, ouch! My son quickly progressed from duplo to the real stuff but it's always mummy who has to make them up. I secretly love it :)

  18. Sparx, I think the new colours are growing on me too. x

    Jo, poor baby Cash trod on a piece today. His face said it all! x

    Rachel, so true! x

    Clarey, I'm always happy to help to! x

  19. It must be a young'un thing! Small Child always rattles around in her giant lego box in the morning when we may be trying to catch the shreds of a weekend lie in! And then the crashing noise as she tips it all out as she has obviously tired of sifting through it! I had tons of second hand lego when I was a wee one and my dear departed Grandad built me this amazing box with different layers to keep it all in! Great post that stirred up memories past and present!

  20. TG, ah yes, the crash of it all tipping out. Loud isn't it?! How lovely that your grandad made you a great box for it. x


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