26 August 2011

Freaky Friday

Would you like to see the freakiest pub toilets in London?

Of course you would.

First, let me set the scene.

Do you remember sharing toilet cubicles with girlfriends on drunken nights out. You take it in turns to pee while your friend holds the door. It's a reasonable arrangement, but one that wouldn't be entertained if you were both sober. 

This, however, takes synchronised peeing to a whole new level. 

Behold the double toilet cubicle...

I've never seen anything like it.

Perhaps it's a return to the Roman toilets, like these ones at the brilliant Puzzling World in Wanaka:

Yes, that is my husband, pretending to have a poo on our Honeymoon.

Freaky Friday. I think I may have started a new blog feature.

I've got a freak of nature for you next week. Bet you can't wait.



  1. Lol. Actually we do have a joint cubicle like that in a bar in Newbury. I've never seen more than one person go into it though (not that I'm in the bar very often). Just weird. That pic of your husband is hilarious, I had to look at it for some time before realising the other men weren't real! Lol

  2. lol that is just weird. Love the pic of your husband, very funny x

  3. Peeing synchronously would be fine, it's the other thing I'm worried about if you're in there together.

  4. Ohhh we have one of those in a bar in Chester. we also took a picture! :D

  5. I defo can't wait til next Friday. Those loos are gross, the closest thing I've seen to it are mother and child loos in baby change rooms.

    Not too sure I want to see your husband's poop face, especially considering I've never even seen my own husband's poop face! ;)

  6. No, no, no. Those toilets are just wrong.

  7. There are just some things that you need to do on your own!

  8. ha ha never seen that before either! x

  9. never seen twin toilets before and will never be using!!

  10. Quite relieved I didn't wander into that cubicle now!!

  11. There's a similar duo-toilet in Edinburgh.

    It's identical, except the loos are facing each other, so you get the pleasure of chatting face to face with your bathroom partner.

  12. It took me a second or two to realise that your husband wasn't amongst others actually doing a poo then! haha

  13. Very odd - Better than the one I was showed to recently when caught short in a shop in Turkey. Hole in the ground and a large hose!

  14. Thanks for the great comments, I'm so glad you appreciated my freaky loo shots!! :-)


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