16 August 2011

The Gurgle Blog Awards 2011

Well, that's a surprise.

Baby Baby is a finalist in the Best Overall Blog category in the Gurgle Blog Awards 2011.

Huge thanks to anyone who nominated me and to the selectors.

You can check out all the finalists in all the categories hereVoting is now open, I hope this is the right link, and closes on 7th September.

I'm in good company, congratulations to:
A Mother's Ramblings
Gingerbread House
Bump, Birth and Beyond

I know who I would like to win and I know who I think will win my category (ooh, cryptic). I don't think it will be me, but I wouldn't have posted about it if I didn't want you to vote for me :-)

I'm going to an awards ceremony hosted by Myleene Klass too.

Happy days!




  1. Congratulations, Sandy! It's nice when good things happen to good bloggers!

  2. Aww, thank you Jen and Susan :-) x


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