26 August 2011

Credit Made Clearer. Discuss.

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I was asked to attend, along with a few other bloggers, a round table discussion about Capital One's Credit Made Clearer campaign this week. I was even paid for my time and travel.

I was worried that the subject of personal credit would be a little dry. It wasn't. We talked about the groups needing help and how to raise awareness of the Credit Made Clearer YouTube channel, where Capital One have produced a set of cartoons covering many aspects of credit. These seventeen videos include online shopping, overdrafts and this one on travelling abroad:

Did you notice that they tell you when NOT to use your credit card. Sage advice.

What was interesting is that the groups that need impartial, clear, financial advice, don't feel they have access to it, or that the information is online, but in text format. Also, as one of the panel put it, 'you don't know what you don't know'. What was even more interesting is that the basics of personal finance are not widely taught, by parents or by schools. Captial One are working (completely unbranded) with schools by distributing a board game, suitable for fourteen year olds. It's called 'To Your Credit' and I think this is a wonderful thing to do.

I think I'm lucky that I come from a household that didn't have much money, but didn't get massively into debt either. I was taught the value of money. I've worked from the age of fourteen and saved regularly since then. Having said that, I'm still at a loss when it comes to pensions and making the most of my savings and I'm a fully qualified accountant. We all need a bit of help.

Best of luck to Capital One with this campaign, I think it's got legs. I look forward to seeing more of them on Twitter and Facebook too once they've found their social media feet.


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