15 August 2011

How to get the most out of your 'Back To School' visit to Clarks

Clarks asked us whether we would like to review their 'Back To School' service and gave us a voucher to spend on shoes for the boys.

The first thing they did was make us an appointment. I had no idea you could make an appointment, but you can. Simply phone the shop and ask. When you arrive, just give the assistant your name and you will be seen straight away. No taking a number. No forgetting to take a number and waiting fruitlessly.

Clarks are geared up for the Back To School rush. They have plenty of room, plenty of staff and plenty of stock, but be prepared for the shop to be busy. The staff will hand your child a magazine with a pair of 3D glasses attached. I've read somewhere (sorry, can't find the link) that children under 5 shouldn't wear 3D glasses because their eyes are still developing, so maybe this wasn't ideal for little ones, but it kept them entertained for a while.

We were served by Holly and she was wonderful with the boys. She measured their feet and discussed shoe options with us. She brought out a selection of shoes for Presley to try and looked competent at fitting them and checking for comfort. We chose some trainer-style shoes as his feet are off-the-scale narrow and these gave the best fit. We were given insoles free of charge to give an even better fit, with advice to return in 8 weeks to have the shoes checked.

These are his lovely new shoes, a bargain at £24:

We were also encouraged to come in any time to have the boys feet measured or their shoes checked. This tells me that Clarks are concerned about children's feet. My suggestion that Cash try a pair of Presley's shoes from last year that are now his size wasn't discouraged. Holly suggested we come in with the shoes and get them checked out. (We did and they are too big, so Cash also got a new pair of shoes, the same as his brother) .

I was very happy with the Clarks Back To School experience.

I was even happier when I was given an A/W leaflet with a coupon for a 20% discount. I've got my eyes on these boots:


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