22 August 2011

The Emails That Made Me Smile and Cry

I thought I'd share a recent email exchange with you. It's between me and a very old friend. Well, she's my age, so not old at all, just long-standing.

Names and places have been changed...

Hi Liz,
Great to see you and your boys today, they are all lovely little men. Thanks again for my orchid, much appreciated.
I realised today we've been friends for 32 years! That can't be right as I'm only 29 ;-)
Take care, love Sx

Hi Sandy
Was lovely to see you. If ever you have an 'IKEA' moment, feel free to let off steam to me, 32 years is a long time and I still remember our days at Middle School and over the years, Mr A ripping his trousers jumping over the box in gym, JP eyeing you up at the school disco, the 'fight' with JW, hair extensions in London, boozing at the camp disco, tuck shop at the Upper School, messing about at the back of the class in Geography and the field trip when I got stuck in the river. Must have a look out for old photos one day - get your boxes unpacked and we'll go down memory lane! Here's to another 32 years!
Love Liz x

You made me smile and cry, you bugger! Yes, here's to another 32 years xxx

Yeah, me too, guess it's 'cos I feel old, no doubt our boys will have many similar stories to tell in years to come,
Take care Lx

I expect so. Here are our five boys:

Do you keep in touch with any of your school friends?




  1. People may dislike it for many reasons but Facebook has put me back in touch with a number of old school friends who I miss(ed). There's also those who say, "If you really wanted to, you would have stayed in touch anyway." but that's not quite true. I got pregnant and moved away at age 18 and address swapping (no email or text) wasn't priority at the time.

    I've also got a couple of life-long friends. We don't need to speak to each other all the time but when we do, we're very comfortable with each other and just slip into conversation.

    Glad you've got a lovely friend like this, Sandy :-)

  2. No "old" friends from middle school....but I've got a couple I keep up with from *cough* twenty or so *cough* years ago. They know all my secrets, and I theirs. Every conversation picks up right where it left off - even if we haven't spoken in a while. I LOVE these relationships the best.

  3. What a great photo. I keep in touch with a lot of my school friends and I'm way older than you and an ocean away. I have always been great at writing and phoning but the Internet has been a real gift for me. Great post.

  4. My oldest friend and I have been friends for over twenty five years. We don't see each other frequently, but when we do, it's so easy. She's coming for tea next week, and it will be lovely to catch up.

  5. I have actually got lots of friends from school still. In fact I was out with a group of them this weekend. I'd not seen some of them for ages but it didn't matter we picked up where we left off and had a really fun night.

  6. my school firends are all still my best friends espire living all over in fact i have 12 of them coming to my 40th bday on staurday!

  7. Nickie, I've lost touch with a couple of people and I wish I hadn't. I hadn't thought of trying FB!!!

    Gigi, I love that conversations can just pick up from where they left off even if you don't see each other from year to year.

    Expat Mum, the internet is great for that, although I don't speak to friends quite so much now we see each other's news on FB!

    Suze, I hope you have a lovely catch up with your old friend :-)

    Photopuddle, that's lovely to hear. I find it a bit odd that I only have one friend left from school, but then again it is a looong time since I left!

    Becky, how lovely and happy birthday!! x


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