3 May 2011

The Gallery: April

They* say you forget the content of most encounters. You just remember how it made you feel and the end.

April was a busy and eventful month. We moved to a new house, 170 miles away from our old house, my mum and step-dad came to stay with us, after moving 12,000 miles away from their old house, we went to a wonderful wedding (no, not that wedding), we potty trained and gave our dummies to the dummy fairy. Oh, yes, and we had an offer accepted on a house we'd like to buy too.

So, how did it make me feel? Well, it's complicated. I've spent most of the month feeling stressed. I've had to summarise and categorise my 'to do' lists. I'm shopping and cooking for six. I'm tired. There have been highs (weddings and nights out thanks to our live-in baby-sitter) and lows (hangovers and seriously crappy showers in every bathroom of our rented house).

Now April is at an end, I'm left with a feeling that I wasn't expecting. I'm feeling proud to be British. Yes, that wedding was glorious and a great way to end a pretty amazing and sunny month.

The photograph? Presley stood his Happyland bride in front of the television to watch the Royal Wedding. Bless.

For The Gallery. The theme this week is April.

*I'm not sure who 'they' are. I heard this theory ages ago and am too lazy to Google it!



  1. Aww that is so lovely. I love how the wedding had such a positive effect on people. We really had no intention of watching it, but the whole family ended up on our bed glued to the TV and then went to a street party and shmoozed with complete strangers! Magical

  2. That's a lot going on all in one month. I hope that things settle down for you soon and you find some balance, although with moving again I guess it will be a while.

  3. That is a lot to do in one month. I'm tired just reading about it! Congratulations on the potty training - we've done it too - and the dummy fairy visit. So sweet he put his Happyland bride in front of the TV. My 3 year old kept saying 'I don't want to be a princess, I don't want to be a princess.' Fine by me!

  4. wow - sounds like you need a holiday to recover! Congratulations on the MK progress so far and good luck for the next phase.

  5. Sounds like you have had a very busy April! Very cute photo. x

  6. wow, busy month!! Hope by the end of this one, all the house stuff is done & dusted & you'll all be happy & settled in your lovely new home :) x

  7. Reflective post and an inspired picture to last a lifetime.
    Take care at this time of change.
    My Gallery thingy is at http://gigglingatitall.blogspot.com

  8. What a great post and what a sweet picture.

  9. I think the wedding was the major event of last, or indeed any, month. Great photo :)

  10. Love Presley's bride! I do hope may slows down a bit for you and I am so jealous you have conquerred the potty training, we're still at a very poor start.
    All the best for May

  11. Awww that is so cute and what a hectic month!!! The wedding was amazing....even more so because I was in London and got a spot outside the Palace....definitely something to tell the Grandkids!! Hope you are settling in well 'down south' xx

  12. Brilliant photo. Made me laugh out loud. Hope you're settling into your new home x

  13. Thanks for all the lovely comments.

    We're settling in well and this month is a little quieter so far!


    PS Emma, I saw your photos of the big day - so jealous!


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