22 May 2011

Party Party with Baby Baby

So, you've got your ticket to Cybermummy. You've got your travel arranged and booked your hotel.

Now what do you do?

What if you've never met another blogger and are nervous about going to the conference, nervous about being in London on your own?

Maybe you went to Cybermummy last year and want to make the most of the opportunity to catch up with your friends.

Well, I've got a cunning plan.

On the evening of Friday 24th June, the night before Cybermummy (or Cybermummy Eve as I'm calling it) I'm having a party. I'm calling it

  'Meet, Greet and Eat'.

The idea is we meet at the Travelodge, er.. greet each other, then go over the road for something to eat.

I've booked the highly regarded Italian restaurant L'abat-Jour for a private party.

I will be selling tickets very soon. They will be £25, payable in advance via Paypal. For that you get a three course meal (starter, pizza and pudding), including a glass of wine, followed by tea or coffee. Service charge is included, as is your first (mini) goody bag of the weekend!

This is an open invitation to anyone attending Cybermummy. I'm hoping that I get to make some new friends, so it doesn't matter if you've been blogging for three weeks or three years you are welcome. You don't need to have met anyone beforehand. I can guarantee you will have a few buddies by the end of the evening. Dress code is casual, this will be an informal do.

So, who's in?

Please leave a comment to let me know you're interested. Also leave your blog URL (so I can have a nose, I'm always looking for blogs to add to my reader) and an email address so I can contact you when the tickets go on sale. Tickets will be sold on a first come first served basis.

*sits at laptop, looking pensive, refreshing the screen, hoping that someone wants to come to my party*



  1. Cooeey! Can I come to your party? I'm staying at the Travellodge too :-)

  2. Oooo yes, I'd love to come (I'm at the Hoxton but don't think The Travelodge is very far). Please keep me informed.

  3. Yes please hostess with the mostess :)

    I'm cathy (at) nurturestore (dot) co (dot) uk

  4. I think you might know me. I am at the Travelodge too - and I think you know what my email address is. ;-)

  5. Hi Sandy

    I would have definitely come. Except I am coming down on Saturday morning. Sounds like huge fun though and am very jealous...

  6. Yes please Sandy. Well done. X
    nova (at) cherishedbyme (dot) com

  7. Just thought I'd pop back to make sure I hadn't scared people off! *smiles*

  8. Hi I think this is a great idea.

    I would love to join in please, will be nice to get to know people before the day



  9. Definitely count me in! Just waiting on hearing back from a few others but there will be at least 3 of us wanting to attend!

    A fantastic idea!

    Simone x

  10. Oh :( I'd love to come but I'm not travelling down until the Saturday. Shame...I'd have been there like a shot!

  11. heya :) il have a word with Hannah when shes back from holiday as shes my room buddy :)

    sounds awesome though and im definitely interested!


  12. What time? I'm travelling up after girls' dinner, I think, so might be a bit late for your dinner? I think probably 7.30 would be the earliest I'd get there. Will you be having drinks somewhere after?

  13. I think you know me!! This is a great idea. Let me know what time. I haven't sorted out my travel plans yet but I will be nearby on the Friday night. x

  14. I have tweeted you but I'm definitely interested..
    Can't wait!


  15. Hello-ha? Did somebody say parteee? I like pizza. I like wine. Inlike meeting and greeting. Count me in too! What time O'clock will it be?

  16. Thanks for organising this Sandy. Hopefully we'll be able to pop in to say hello.

  17. Brilliant idea but I won't be able to make it I'm afraid as I'm travelling in on the Saturday.
    Have a great party and see you at Cybermummy!

  18. I'm not coming up until Sat morning so I'll miss this great idea : ( Maybe more eating and drinking can be done on the Saturday? : D

  19. Ooh count me in! I have never met anyone before and am so nervous! I would love to get the chance to meet and greet before the main event! I'm at The Hixton but understand that it's not a million miles away? Anyway, my blog is www.mostlyyummymummy.com and my email is mostlyyummy [at] rocketmail [dot] com

  20. Oh I so wish I could go but it's my birthday on the 24th so I'm coming to CM on the day. Would have been lovely to meet everyone. I now feel slightly out of the loop! xx

  21. Hi Sandy
    I can't make it, but John Crane might be interested in adding to the goody bag? Email me - Helen x

  22. Oh this sound perfect. Good thinking Batman!

  23. Wow this has really taken off :-)
    I need to decide if I need to conserve my energy for the big day.
    I'll check situation with hubby too, and may report back.
    Super idea though x

  24. Wow, I'm chuffed at the wonderful response. I was so worried I'd be nobby no mates!

    A little bit more info...
    We'll be meeting at 8 at the Travelodge and heading to the restaurant for 8.30. Afterwards? I don't know, but there are plenty of bars nearby...

    I have now emailed everyone (apart from Melitsa and Savvymum as I couldn't find your email addresses - please get in touch) with the next step.

    Some people have replied and paid for their tickets. This thing is really happening!

    Special thanks to Helen from John Crane Toys who has sent me something for the goody bags :-)

    To all those who can't make it, thank you for the lovely comments. Maybe we'll do it all again next year!

    Sandy x

  25. Am I too late? Been away all week & just catching up on my g-reader!

    I'm staying at the travelodge anyway and haven't met any bloggers before so a little nervous!

    My e-mail is mummymusings[at]hotmail[dot]com

    Thanks :-)

  26. Emma, no you're not too late at all. I've emailed you x

  27. Ooh, me too! (I'm staying at the Hoxton, but I'm not that far...maybe I can walk over with Mostly Yummy Mummy). Would love to meet some new people and put faces with blogs!

    If I'm not too late that is...my email address is beldenjenn@yahoo.com

    Jenn (www.mommaontherocks.com)

  28. Jenn, no, not too late at all. You've got mail! :-) x

  29. Hi Sandy...hope it's not too late. Me and Lou are coming down on Friday and would love to join in. We're at the Hoxton. My email is wendy_mcd83@hotmail.co.uk

  30. Wendy, you've got mail! Sx

  31. Would love to come but up in Edinburgh all week and need to drop in on the kids for a few hours before rushing off again. BTW Are any of you guys planning on being there at 8am!?!

  32. Hi Sandy, only just saw this via twitter, think I'm going to be there on the Friday night, so can I say I'd like to join and confirm as soon as I know? (Which should be today or tomorrow, need to get this sorted now!)

    liveotherwise AT gmail.com

  33. Hi Sandy,
    hope it's not too late to be included but our fab CyberMummy Sponsee Kerry (@MultipleMummy) and myself (@BabyBornFreeUK) are staying at the travelodge on Friday too and we would love to join your party if we can?
    I'm anne(at)newbornfree(dot)com xx

  34. Not a Notting Hill Mum, what are you suggesting?! We're all going to be as sober as judges ;-) Hopefully catch up with you at 8am x

    Jax, it would be lovely if you could make it. Let me know :-) x

  35. Hi there,

    We are hoping we are not too late but Anne Glynn-Thomas and I would love to come. (Anne is the blogger for Baby Born Free). We are both staying at the travel lodge on the Friday night and would love to meet everyone. xx

  36. Oh I forgot to mention my e-mail. multiplemummy3@gmail.com xx

  37. Anne and Multiple Mummy, there are a few spaces left. I'll email you now :-) x

  38. Hi
    Is it too late to join this?
    Would love to come.
    Please let me know,
    Liska xx

  39. Hi Liska, I'm sorry, it is too late. I'll put you on the waiting list in case anyone pulls out x


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