30 May 2011

Save the Children - No Child is Born to Die #passiton

My friend, the fabulous @ChristineMosler from Thinly Spread, flies to Mozambique today with Save the Children. She is travelling with @tchee (who I know from Twitter) and @liliesarelike. Chris will be vlogging daily at In The Powder Room.

They are following the progress of a live vaccine from its source to its recipient, a child being raised in poverty.

I was lucky enough to attend a blogging conference at the Save the Children headquarters earlier this year. I heard first hand of the work they do and how they help children in the UK and around the world. We discussed blogger activism and tried to answer the big question, what can I do?

The answer is, simply, something.

You can sign this petition.

Rosie and Josie both tagged me in the world changing meme. If you would like to join in you can check out their wonderful blogs. Tag, you're it.

If we all blog about this campaign and talk about it on Twitter, using the hashtag #passiton, we will create a buzz. We will raise awareness of the issues facing those who are in need. Eight million children die from preventable diseases every year. Please join the campaign.





  1. Aaah there is no way of escaping the tags!! ;-)

    Thanks for taking part in the meme and supporting Save The Children this way! That is brilliant and very much appreciated!



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