21 April 2011

Reasons to love living in Milton Keynes #1

This is the first in an occasional series of me sticking up for my much maligned new home town!

This park is just a ten minute walk from our house, it would be a five minute walk if we hadn't taken two small people with little legs!

I'd been to MK a few times before we moved here, but I had no idea it was so green. There are open spaces, parks, canals and lakes all over the town. You just need to get off those dual carriageways and out of your car.

I've got a feeling we've only scratched the surface of what this town has to offer.


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Happy Easter!



  1. I'm in Northampton and used to work in Milton Keynes- I loved it too! Miles of cycles paths and loads of open space! Enjoy!

  2. I'm glad you've said this. I ised to live near Milton Keynes, and every time I visited I always thought how nice it was. Orderly, civilised and yes, very green :-)

  3. It so nice.We should take our children to parks like this where they can enjoy the greenery.In this busy city life we are not getting time to enjoy the nature.So, when we are getting time we should spend it like this.

  4. I agree - when I went to help a friend find a new house I was amazed by how lovely MK was. The cultural life is great too, with the most brilliant gallery, theatre and studio workshops and loads of other stff besides.
    I had to laugh at DisneyLand Paris they had t-shirts saying I heart MK (I think they meant Mikey, but it works for Milton Keynes too!).
    I hope you continue to love your new home.

  5. Yep, definately some lovely parks in MK and I just love the shops too!

    Sounds like you are settling in nicely.

    Mich x

  6. That looks lovely. I don't know why people are so down on Milton Keynes actually, I plan to visit sometime soon as it's so close to London. I hear there are some great spots out there. Enjoy your new home.

  7. Thanks for all the comments. I have been extremely poor at replying lately *hangs head*

    Babes About Town, visitors are always welcome :-)

  8. Yeah it seems like a lovely place doesn't it? I'm thinking of moving there soon, lots of useful sites around listing jobs in Milton Keynes - been a great help for me thus far!


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