8 May 2011


Moving house is a strange experience. 

Every time we move we say never again.

Every time we move we attempt a de-clutter.

Every time we move we say we will NOT pay a removal company to move our rubbish.

Then, when we're sorting through our 'stuff', these ice cream tubs appear.

They date back to the 70's and 80's. They are filled with treasure. The kind of treasure that fills you with nostalgia and longing for people and places that are no longer there. 

I slide my hand through the marbles, rolling the china boulders between my fingers. My brother and I used to play marbles carefully, not wanting to damage these beautiful glass spheres. We never played for keeps. Now they're all mine.

These crayons smell amazing. I remember getting wax under my fingernails as I covered piece after piece of paper with patterns, the same patterns I doodle now.

Finally, a tub of teenage treasure. My badge collection. I never collected anything whole-heartedly, but I managed to amass quite a few badges over the years.

Oh how I loved Adam Ant. Loved. Completely.

So what did we do with these tubs?

That's right. I couldn't throw them away. We paid Pickfords to move them for us. Again.



  1. wow! I have just moved house too-a lot of my stuff is still at my parent's house but I still have old diaries from when I was about 14 and certain clothes I won't part with lol!
    Its funny you say every time though- other than miving out of the parental home, I have only moved this one time and will never ever repeat the experience!

  2. Marbles marbles!! I wish I still had mine :(

    Hope the move went well :D x

  3. I loved marbles as a child. What memories.

    In the first three years of Mr L and my relationship we moved three times, before that I had moved four times in the three years previous. We have been in our house now four years, we can't afford to but I would love to move. I am the freak of nature that loves moving I love sorthing through the mess finding the memories. Everything about it I love.

    I hope that the move went well xx

  4. You are so unlike me, I throw the material stuff out and keep hold of the memories

  5. What lovely treasures, I wish I had been a bit more of a hoarder in my youth and not so much of one now! :)

  6. The move went as well as could be expected (i.e. hideously stressful!), thanks all.

    We do it all again in a few months.

    I plan to be ruthless this time (says the life-long hoarder).

    Oh and after that we're NEVER MOVING AGAIN!! x

  7. aawww I want those boxes and contents!!

  8. we've just moved and my partner is a thrower and I'm a keeper, I too have a badge collection, which i managed to save from his ruthless 'clearing' and several other boxes of treasures, although mine are somewhat more mis matched that yours :) lovely blog xx

  9. Nickie, they're mine mine mine! ;-)

    Sarah, aw thank you. Keep your treasures safe! :-)


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