13 April 2011

New Nivea Sun Kids Pure & Sensitive

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We all like to have fun in the sun, especially children, but it amazes me how many parents don't feel the need to protect their children's skin.

I was on holiday in Cyprus a few years ago. Holidays, remember them?! I have fair skin and burn easily so I always pack plenty of sun lotion. I'd rather be pale and interesting than burnt to a blistered peeling crisp. Sadly not everyone is as diligent as I am in this area.

Back to Cyprus (I'd love to go back to Cyprus)! A family arrived in our hotel one morning and hit the swimming pool straight away. The parents took advantage of the all-inclusive bar while the children played in the pool. By lunchtime the whole family were bright pink. Like pigs. They chose chocolate cake and chips from the buffet. After lunch they went straight back out in the burning sun. We nicknamed them the pigs for the duration of our holiday, they didn't get any less pink! Now I am a mother I don't think I could stand by and watch those children burn. I also hate to see babies in prams in direct sunlight. I shout at their parents (from the safety of my car, obviously) 'put some sun cream and a hat on that on that baby, you...'

Factor 50+ sun protection is vital for children. My boys know that they must always wear a hat and sun lotion when it's sunny. It doesn't take long to apply, the new Nivea range includes a lotion and a spray, and you know that your children are protected against sunburn and long-term skin damage.

I'm looking forward to some sunshine so I can try the new Nivea Sun Kids Pure & Sensitive range as it is 100% free from perfume, colourants and preservatives helping to reduce the risk of skin alergies and it has been especially developed for kids' sensitive skin. I am allergic to many so-called skin care products and I worry that my boys have inherited my sensitive skin. I've had a little spray and this product is as gentle as you would expect.

Now let's just hope we have a decent summer!


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