3 April 2011



They are amazing.

We are amazing.

Today I'm thinking of all the mothers missing a child.

Today I'm thinking of all the children missing a mother.

Today I read this about Missing Midwives at Save The Children

Justin Forsyth, Chief Executive of Save the Children, said: “While in the UK our thoughts turn to our own mums this weekend, we must not turn our backs on the mums and babies who will die today during birth or from complications associated with it. 
“No mother should face giving birth without help. It doesn’t have to be complicated: someone who knows how to dry a baby properly and rub its back to help it breathe can make the difference between life and death. No child is born to die.”  

Today I watched this and thought it was lovely. I know it's an advert, but I love the sentiment. I haven't been sponsored to post this.

Happy Mothering Sunday.



  1. Mothers are amazing... the ad is cute!

  2. That is a lovely post, really made me think thank you xx

  3. I love the advert, I posted it too


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