18 October 2010


...over on Sandy Calico Reviews I've written about some of the things sent to try us. Oh no, that's wrong! Try again, I've written about some of the things I've been sent to try. Yes, that's more like it. ;-)

Since becoming Toys R Us Toyologists we've had quite a few toys to test. Find out what we thought about the Tomy Aquadoodle Desk, the Timmy Time Pop-Up Game Old MacDonald Lotto, the Crazy Chefs Game, the Fireman Sam Fire Engine Convertible, the Moon Sand Demolition Kit and the Mega Bloks 2-in-1 Buildable Thomas the Tank Engine.

We have also reviewed the ZingZillas CD and My Favourite Nursery Rhymes DVD.

I was given some clothes to wear to the MAD awards by Very.co.uk and my underwear was provided by Spanx Higher Power. What do you mean you don't want to see my pants?! I was also sent my first pair of Converse trainers by Rubber Sole.

Finally, Sandy Calico Reviews... DotComGiftShop - just in time for Christmas.




  1. You were given underwear for the MADs?!

  2. Yep, and jolly good it was too. You missed a trick there, Tim! :-)

  3. Moonsand, Spanx, Zingzillas - now there's a set of words you don't see together very often. Will be checking out the reviews before Santa decides what he's bringing the boys ;)

  4. Wow that's a whole lot of reviewing going on! I think Spanx are amazing....couldn't live without mine!!!

  5. HCM, I think they're a bit young for the Spanx ;-) x

    Emma, I know, I love mine! x


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