28 October 2010

A Grand Day Out

Look at us! That's Jen from The Madhouse and I standing in front of THE Hogwarts Express from the Harry Potter films.


We took our families out in the pouring rain to visit the National Railway Museum in York this week. It was totally worth being sat in a car for a couple of hours each way. Getting there would have been quicker if a) there was a brown sign where you have to turn left to the museum from the A64, b) we'd used our satnav or c) we'd been able to travel by train. Don't get me wrong, I like York, but we didn't need to drive through the city centre and the wrong way around the ring road. Not this week, anyway.

Despite all this we did indeed have a grand day out, apart from one minor incident where Cash jumped out of his skin when a train blew its whistle! Our boys got on well, as did the grown ups. Presley's highlight of the day was 'sitting round the table, eating sweeties'. I enjoyed that bit too! 

The National Railway Museum is a wonderful place (I never thought I would say that, trains were never my thing). The old steam trains are big and reliable looking, travelling by train was something special then. Andy and I both admitted that we'd always wanted to travel on a sleeper train. The Japanese bullet train was larger inside than I'd expected. The museum was busy, but it wasn't too crowded. I think we managed to see everything.

I liked the way the man who explained how the turntable worked had 'explainer' on the back of his shirt. No fancy job titles in York!

I also had meatballs and a mooch around Ikea with the lovely notSupermum this week.

These friendships, made through blogging, are real and genuine and easy. We're not all weirdos on the internet you know!



  1. Jealous! I would love to see The Hogwarts Express and Jen and you got to see both.
    Harry Potter is a real love for me and my two older children in particular, can't wait until the new film comes out.
    Might have to tootle up to York and have a look.
    Glad you had a lovely day.

  2. Just broken into the Teenager's bedroom to use her laptop (shhhhh!) as mine has died a death, thanks for the mention - I really enjoyed our lunch together. Hope to see you again before too long x

  3. If you do tootle to York Suzanne let me know and I will meet you for a coffee. It was a fab day.

  4. Sounds like you had a lovely time. So nice to meet other bloggers in person, especially when they are as lovely in real life as they are online. x

  5. Ah, what great day out! You both look so happy.

  6. PS: Regarding the other comment I just left - I am of course grateful. Not graceful. No wonder I have no friends, haha.

  7. it is great at the NRM i love it and have seen the hogwarts express too! glad you had a fab time and hopefully i'll get to see you again soon xxxx

  8. Love the Railway Museum - my boys love The Mallard. You're very lucky to see Hogwarts Express and as for the Ikea meatballs - what a lucky lady you are!

  9. Awww!! I love the friendships I've made through blogging!! Especially the friendship I have with you and Jen!! :)

  10. Thanks for the lovely comments. The NRM is a great place for a day out and who better to share it with than a fellow blogger. I think us bloggers get on so well in real life because we have so much in common.


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