21 October 2010

I Want...

This post has been ripped off inspired by Jack from The Thoughts of a Broken Clock. I met Jack at a creative writing workshop recently and thoroughly enjoyed spending a few hours in his company and finding a new blog to read.

I want...

  • world peace and an end to poverty etc. (let's get that out of the way first), oh yeah, and a cure for cancer
  • a Mulberry Alexa handbag
  • to be more confident
  • to think of the right thing to say at the right time and not three hours later
  • a holiday
  • Steps to reform (I completely copied that one from Jack)
  • to be a size 12
  • to commit to doing NaNoWriMo, no messing about
  • to be proud to call myself a mummy blogger
  • people to be more kind to each other
  • Pamela or Matt to win Strictly Come Dancing
  • to stop having nightmares, especially the ones where I wake up on the floor screaming
  • a chippy tea tomorrow
  • to be fearless
  • to have more patience with the boys
  • more hours in the day (to myself)
  • to care less about being dumped by someone I called a friend
  • a decent cup of coffee at Costa in Walton-le-Dale
  • to pick up a packet of biscuits from my local garage and find that they are actually in date
  • to stop eating biscuits
  • someone, anyone, to buy our house
  • to be less sensitive
  • to have a thicker skin, one that allows me to go online without getting upset on a regular basis
  • to make my husband and children happy
  • everyone to stop smoking, especially the man who flicked ash on my toddler in his buggy yesterday
  • a new bra, to replace the one that pinged off (Barbara Windsor style) this week
  • the dark cloud, that follows me around, to lift



  1. Was just about to tweet I'd been missing you around the place.

    Sorry to hear about the dumping, happened to me recently too so know how hard it is to let go. I figure that is because you are a caring person who was a genuine friend even if this person may not have been so themselves. Chin up x

  2. Sorry you've been having nightmares and have a dark cloud following you. And all the other rubbish stuff. FWIW I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you at the MADS (even if I did make you cry...).

    Oh and Pamela to win. Definitely. I want to be like her! xx

  3. I hope you get everything you want. Sorry you've been upset by things lately.

    Can't help giggling the though of your Barbara Windsor bra pinging experience though!

  4. I'd have punched someone who dropped ash on Flea!

    I'd comment on the Pamela thing but I don't really understand it.

  5. Hugs.

    I'm trying out some NLP on myself to get rid of my black cloud.

  6. I can identify so much with so many of those points!

  7. Welcome back. That's a pretty mixed list. Sounds like you should get some help for the nightmare and dark clouds thing though?

  8. sorry you've been dumped but I am sooo stealing this for my blog ;)

  9. Can't believe you are not proud to call yourself a mummy blogger! Stand up and be proud, you are so good!

  10. I want all those things for you too and then for me I would like to see a big smile on your face. (((Sandy)))

    Mich x

  11. Still not got that handbag, eh??

  12. I love it especially as it was inspired by me! Go Steps!

    Jack x

  13. Nodding along with so many of these Sandy. Big hugs about the black cloud and also the online thing (it's a bad place right now)x

  14. Kat, it is hard, sorry to hear it happened to you too. I'm nearly there now x

    Deb, I enjoyed meeting you too. I'm feeling a lot better now thank you x

    Photopuddle, I may not get everything I want, but I have everything I need. I'm so glad there was no one around to witness the bra-pinging! x

    Sally, I was tempted!

    Liveotherwise, thank you for the hugs. I'm sorry you have a black cloud too. My husband is an NLP practitioner and has been helping me. I hope it's working for you x

  15. Mother of Innovation, I hope you get everything you want x

    The Moiderer, I've been having nightmares for about 10 years now. They are worse when I'm stressed, but I didn't know you could do much about them. I am feeling a lot better now though x

    Lindy, you are quite welcome (I stole the idea in the first place)! x

    Geekymummy, what a lovely thing to say, thank you. x

    Melt Down Mum, thank you x

  16. Mich, thank you so much. Let's hope we can both smile together x

    Nickie, no :-( x

    Jack, why, thank you. Come on Steps, you know you want to! x

    Ella, it is, but I'm hoping there are enough positive voices to drown out the negative x


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