13 October 2010

Doctor Presley

What do you do when you you're a blogger who doesn't show their children's faces on their blog, but still wants pictures of them to illustrate a post? The answer is you take loads and loads of photographs of the backs of their heads. Even your long-suffering husband does the same.

Here is my favourite photograph of the back of Presley's head.

When Presley's younger brother, Cash, goes for an afternoon nap, Presley makes sure all the teddies have a nap too. He uses muslin squares as blankets and periodically goes to check on them.

Here it looks like he is applying CPR to Big Teddy. You'll be pleased to know that Big Teddy survived his ordeal and is alive and well!

The boys pretend their teddies are sick. They clean them up and sit with them, rubbing them better. It is too cute for words and I usually get the camera out.

Yesterday they were playing the sick teddy game. I said 'ahh, lovely boys looking after your teddies'.

Presley said 'Mummy get the camera'.

I got the camera.

You can check out more favourite photographs in The Gallery.


  1. LOL! You've got him well trained!

  2. Gorgeous, and always so handy to have a doctor in the family!

  3. I do the same Sandy! I've taken pictures where my son is cuddling the cat and the cat's face obscures my son's so you can't see his full face!
    The only full face shot I ever put up was a bit distant and blurry so I was confident that he wouldn't be recognisable by strangers from the picture!
    For my daughter, I take the top of her head and also side views! It's fun trying to find creative ways to take their pictures so you get a great shot without it being obvious that you are shielding them!

  4. Fabulous - you really have your own little Grey's Anatomy going on there. Cute!

  5. Bless. My youngest Amy plays the same sort of games.

  6. Aw...that is a bit too cute!

  7. Great picture and post. It's so cute when they look after their teddys. V put her recently acquired baby doll down for a nap for the first time the other day, snuggled her in and gave a kiss, too cute!:)

  8. So cute.:-) Your son is adorable even on his back.:-) Looking after their teddys only shows how caring they are as a person and that is very admirable.:-)

  9. Nice head and what a lovely game to play. Our teddies just sit on the end of the bed.

  10. V cute Sandy I like they know you so well

  11. Victoria, I can't train them, it's like herding cats!!

    The Dotterel, funnily enough his uncle is buying him a doctor's set for Christmas!

    Mom on a Wire, I know. 'My son, the doctor'. I like that!!

    TMM, it's sounds like you've had plenty of practice! I do try to be creative when I'm taking pictures :-)

    Hot Cross Mum, I know *smiles proudly* :-) x

  12. Seathreepeao, they're so cute when they take care of their teddies like that :-) x

    Emma, I know :-) x

    Christine, he's not like that all the time, I can assure you :-) x

    Mummy V, aww, that sounds adorable :-) x

    Edie, thank you very much :-)

  13. Naomi, they're obviously not sick then ;-) x

    Becky, I know, I must be really predictable!! :-) x

  14. :) Little L pretends all her teddies had a pooh and then we need to wipe their bottoms. Usually it starts at 7am when the baby monitor goes off with something like that: 'Hi Teddy. Pooh pooh teddy. Bah teddy. Mamma. Teddy pooh pooh. Mammaaaa. Maaaaammaaaaaaaaa!'
    Me: 'Husband, I think your daughter needs changing.'

  15. Met Mum, that is so funny! Mine do something similar and have made up a song, called 'pooey'. Lovely :-) x

  16. This has me smile. My daughter loves posing for the camera but all too often she hears me say: "That's lovely, now can you face the other way?"

  17. Rosie, they must think we're crazy!! :-) x


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