23 August 2010

Let Them Eat Cake

We've survived our first toddler birthday party!

The boys were excited to be having a party, but got it into their heads that it wasn't at our house. Even when the banners and balloons went up, they still didn't work it out. 

They liked getting presents, seeing their grandparents and cousins and of course eating cake, but they're still a little young to appreciate the finer points of pass the parcel (or even the basics).

Unfortunately since then the Calico household has been struck down with a bug. We've spent today feeling sorry for ourselves and praying that the puking is over.

Baby Baby will be taking a little break for the rest of the summer*.

My Mum is coming to stay and I don't want to spend the only two weeks a year that I see her sat at my laptop. 

Also we have the actual birthdays of all the men of the house coming up next weekend. We have three birthdays in four days. Yes, that is an awful lot of cake :-)

*that's the theoretical summer, since it has rained here almost everyday since the beginning of July.




  1. Hope you all feel better soon!

    You'll all have to be in fine form to fully appreciate all that cake!

  2. You cant beat a good toddler birthday party. Tomorrow it's my other half turn for cake and ice cream as he turns 29.

    Hope you feel better soon, emjoy your two weeks off, you'll be missed. Look forward to reading about your adventures when you get back.

    Take care
    Kate Collings


  3. ha, all Missy Woo wanted out of her party this year was Pass the Parcel. And then her brother won it!

    Have a decent break, Sandy, and hope you're all better soon. By the time you come back, I'll have a schoolgirl in the house. :o OMGG.

  4. Get better soon! Love the pass the parcel comment. My son went to each individual opening the parcel on his birthday and asked for the prize. He's two.

  5. Have so much fun with you mum and the boys. Catch up with you soon. Love to the birthday boys

  6. Eat lots of cake for me ;-)

    Have fun during your break x x

  7. Happy Birthday to the boys! Hope that you are all feeling much better soon! Enjoy your days off xx

  8. Alethea, thank you, I think we're on the mend. We've still got 3/4 of a teddy cake to eat from party!

    Kate C, what a lovely thing to say. Happy Birthday to your OH x

    Kateab, maybe they'll understand it by next year! Wow, I can't believe she'll be at school, she seems so young. Fingers crossed she enjoys it x

    Beckicklesie, mine were in such a hurry to get their turn once they realised there were sweets in each layer!

    The Mad House, thank you. we'll catch up soon x

  9. Cass, I shall, on both counts! :-) x

    Emma, thank you, catch up with you soon :-) x

  10. Hope you all feel better and have a lovely time as well xx

  11. Hope you soon feel better and enjoy the blog break x

  12. Happy Birthday to them all! what a busy time....toddler parties are THE best.
    Enjoy the time with your mum. Take care. XX

  13. enjoy your mum's visit and all the cake and birthdays see you soon xxxxx

  14. Kerry, thank you, we're all well again now :-)

    Mummy Mishaps, thank you. It's quite liberating not to have to think about blogging!

    Nova, thank you! Two parties down, one to go. So far so good x

    Amy, thank you, we've got cake coming out of our ears!! x

  15. enjoy your break - see you when you are back!
    If not on twitter lol

  16. Hope you're all feeling better soon!! Have a lovely break hun! Look forward to your return! xx

  17. Hope you're all feeling better and that the men had lovely birthdays xx

  18. Hope you are all feeling better in time to enjoy all the cake! If it gets a bit much and you need any help eating cake you know where I am! ;) x

  19. Notes to self, we did enjoy the break, thank you :-)

    Emma, we got well and then got ill again!! Back now x

    Clareybabble, they had lovely birthdays, thank you x

    Mummy V, funnily enough we didn't need any help, but thanks for the offer! x


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