13 August 2010

Bloggers For Pakistan and Blogladesh

I haven't had a great week.

My husband, Andy, wrote a song recently called 'Middle Class Blues'. This tongue-in-cheek ditty includes the lines:
It's far too hot
In our conservatory
Which cuts its usage

Andy probably could have drawn inspiration for another few verses from the events of this week:

We both had upset stomachs from eating dodgy king prawns, we wasted Andy's day off by sitting around - close to the loo.

We're changing estate agents. The outgoing shower infuriated me so much I had steam coming out of my ears.  I called them and asked for the email address of their Managing Director so that I could make a complaint. They said they didn't understand the question.

Presley had the mother of all tantrums because Daddy had to go back to work. He didn't want to spend the day with Mummy.

Due to the aforementioned tantrum we turned up at a teddy bears picnic with no picnic and had to go home.

I had a nightmare and fell out of bed. My hip now aches a bit.

I punched myself in the face when I was tightening the straps on Presley's car seat.

I became one of those mothers who shouts at her children in the supermarket as they play with the food in our over-loaded trolley.

I ordered some shoes from the Debenhams sale. They're hideous, I have to go to the trouble of sending them back.

I complained that my inbox is overflowing with approaches from PRs and I can't keep up with them all. I haven't replied to some emails from 6 weeks ago. The blogger I complained to has only ever received two emails from PRs. Yes, I know how crass this makes me sound.

I finished reading 'Her Fearful Symmetry' by Audrey Niffenegger and was a little confused and disappointed by the ending.

I also complained to my friend, who has cancer, that I had a bad experience at the dentist. I whined about the filling that hurt a little. Then I remembered that she has cancer, is in the middle of chemo and I apologised, but she said not to worry, it's all relative.

It is. It's all relative.

I haven't got anything to complain about really, but it doesn't stop little things getting me down. Then I feel guilty, but I know I can't solve the problems of the world on my own. How do we deal with greed, the imbalance of wealth, hunger, poverty, disease, war?

There is no magic wand.

I can do something though, it's better than doing nothing and waiting for someone else to take some action.

So tonight instead of spending £20 on a takeaway I'm making a donation to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC). They're coordinating aid for those affected by the devastating floods in Pakistan.

If you're on Twitter you can follow the hashtag #BloggersForPakistan to see what else is going on.

For example, Nick at My Daddy Cooks is auctioning himself on Ebay. Seriously, check it out!


I'm also following with interest Josie, Eva and Sian as they prepare to go to Bangladesh with Save the Children

If you're on Twitter you can follow the hashtag #blogladesh


I'm now going back to my middle class life and have to clean gloopy glue off the dining table.




  1. I don't know why Sandy but your post just made me laugh right out loud, causing a bit of a stir around me - I'm consulting in a rather trendy media office today - I am the token geeky bloggy type - thanks for the shout out and enjoy your gloop xxx

  2. Sandy, me too. I have punched myself in the face far too many times when dealing with car seats.
    Thanks for the support honey.

  3. Sandy, so sorry you have had a bad week, but at least you have the good grace to put your week into perspective. You're post is very funny and witty and I have chortled several times whilst reading it.
    Have a lovely weekend (fingers crossed) x

  4. On the bright side, I punched Flea in the face when tightening her car seat straps once. I think that's even more frowned upon.

  5. Aww, Sandy, I didn't mean to make you feel bad when I said I'd only had two. My blog is nothing like as established as yours so it's understandable the difference. (And I have had a 3rd now. I'm up 50%... )

    I am having a bad day today. I have no idea why but August always does that to me. I sleep less at this time of year and I think it has a knock on effect on how I am during the day. But still, it was lovely to meet you yesterday and you have two gorgeous boys to be proud of. (And I've probably scared you for the future bringing mine along!)

    Both bloggersforpakistan and blogladesh are great initiatives and I wish everyone involved the best of luck with it.

  6. Glad it's not just me. Oh and I HATED the Audrey Niffenegger... ranty review just brewing but not to be posted until I've toned it down! (although lots of that may be the identical twin thing - and disappointment when the Time Traveller's Wife was just so wonderful...)

  7. A great post Sandy...we all have weeks like that, so sorry you have had one of them. Turning up at a Teddy Bear's picnic without a picnic....now for some reason that sounds/feels very familiar. Think I've done something similar recently but at the moment I just can't think what it is !!!;0S

  8. Nixdminx, I'm glad I made you laugh AT MY MISERY ;-) You're welcome for the mention x

    Sian, I knocked my glasses off and everything! You're welcome for the support x

    Suzanne, you've got to see the funny side! x

    Sally, yes, that is generally more frowned upon. I'm not laughing out loud, honest! x

    Kate, oh bless you. Yay, 3 now? :-) Your son is adorable and a great example for my two. Lovely to meet you x

  9. Plan B, looking forward to your rant. I actually liked the book, apart from the end x

    Nova, I'm glad it's not just me!! x

  10. Oh Sandy - great post. Made me snort in recognition and cry with tears/laughter.

    What a week.

    It is all relative. We know rationally that there are other people having a far worse time than us but they are still our problems. But now my middle class dilemma is do I start the Audrey Nieffenger?

  11. Deer Baby, I did enjoy the book, but felt it was over too quickly. I hope you enjoy it if you read it! x


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